Confession Thursday : Urine Yellow ?


I feel like a Confession Thursday post is particularly appropriate during Lent. Don’t you? This is me after my First Holy Communion While I don’t have any confessions that would make the priest drop his bible (today anyways), this is a less-than-pleasant post because I had a visit to the gyno today. Confession #1: I call it a “vagine” pronounced “vaj-een”, but foreign-ish. … [Read more...]

Have A Good Day


Morning! I have an early appointment so I did Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack and called it a workout   Breakfast was a yogurt bowl and ice ice baby coffee. In the bowl: Chobani Strawberry Banana yogurt, cereal, naner, chia seeds and PB. My appointment today isn’t a fun one (more on that later). My hair isn’t brushed and I have no time to slap on some make-up. But I am … [Read more...]

Oatmeal Energy Booster


I totally crashed this afternoon. Out of the blue at 2:30pm I was tired, hungry and cranky. The last time I checked I’m not a 2 year old, but I definitely never grew out of the “terrible twos”. Sorry mom. Anyways, I tried to fight the funk with iced coffee. But I ended up hitting the PB jar pretty hard. In an effort to deter (or at least slow myself down) I made a bulky … [Read more...]