Confession Thursday : Urine Yellow ?

I feel like a Confession Thursday post is particularly appropriate during Lent. Don’t you?

This is me after my First Holy Communion PRAYINGWhile I don’t have any confessions that would make the priest drop his bible (today anyways), this is a less-than-pleasant post because I had a visit to the gyno today.

Confession #1: I call it a “vagine” pronounced “vaj-een”, but foreign-ish. Like that particular part of my body is French or something. I dunno. All I know is, I hate vay-jay-jay. It’s not a child’s toy by Mattel, it’s a vagine. IMG_9972

There is so much good baby news going on in the blog-world this week! First Emily and Sabrina and then another friend called with baby news too!

It’s in the water. Be careful Winking smile

Today’s appointment was my annual check-up and I had a good convo with the doc to make sure we were okay on my personal baby timeline (which I’m not sharing in case I change my mind because I’m flighty), birth control and the like.

She said we have time to wait if we wanted or could we go for it right now. I think I have a good idea of when we want to try and I’ll let you know when I am fairly certain I’m not gonna change my mind. - I still don't completely understand how babies are made

Confession #2: I drink a lot of water and when I was watching 127 hours I actually thought drinking my pee wouldn’t be as bad as drinking most.


Confession #3: I said the F word 2 times in traffic this morning. But I was “good” all day yesterday and have been ever since.

Confession #4: It is over 80 degrees today. This isn’t a confession so much as an opportunity to Thank God SmileIMG_9974

Confession #5: I firmly believe in food rewards, probably always will. Since I couldn’t have a “sweet treat” after my gyno exam I treated myself with an iced tea.


Lunch: Since I was in my mom’s neighborhood for my doctor’s appointment I went to raid her fridge for lunch.

It’s a big fridge. We’re not fat by accident.IMG_9986

She had a good find too! Super hummus from Nasoya. I liked it with chips, but not straight up (normally I can eat hummus like it’s ice cream).


I put together a random bowl of wonderful – broccoli on the bottom, homemade smashed pinto beans with avocado, sweet potato and a piece of fish.


My real food reward came post-lunch. I wanted a Bionico. It’s a Mexican fruit salad with sweet cream and granola on top.


I opted for cottage cheese instead of sweet cream because that totally would have been cheating.

Confession #6: I’m pretty sure this is meant to feed 8 people. Or 1 Monica.


Confession #7: The other day I drank an entire liter of Diet Dr. Pepper in one afternoon. I thought giving up sweets would be the hard part, but diet soda is proving to kill me too Sad smile


Confession #8: I’m probably half way done with the PB I bought less than 24 hours ago. It’s really random because I don’t normally binge on nut butter. I ate a lot yesterday in general. I blame being tired. I know it’s not because I am dehydrated because you know…(see above)

Confession #9: I had a fun surprise date night planned for Ben and I tonight, but he guessed what it is so now I want to change it… but I’m too lazy.

Confession #10: 97% of my jokes are not funny. Like when I asked the nurse if she was a vampire because she was trying to take my blood. She didn’t laugh.suck my bloodThey can’t all be winners.


  1. says

    I just had to do my annual….twice (one off base for US Visa purposes….not sure why my vagine has anything to do with my green card status…whatevs! Hope you have a fun date night…I am on the prowl for a sitter so we can have one…it has been almost a year!

  2. says

    That vampire joke was funny! And how the heck have I never heard of a bionico before?! I mean, I’m Mexican and have lived in Los Angeles all my life, seriously how was this kept hidden from me?!

  3. says

    I am literally wishing we could be BFFs right now. You crack me up. I needed that.

    Andy says vagine too. Like Borat. I thought you were about to announce a baby on the way. I keep debating on our timeline. I should probably get a paying job first.

    I laughed at the vampire joke. I’m teaching my students “Dracula” this month.

  4. says

    I always use food rewards- that’s why I run and run and run and never lose much weight (I don’t really NEED to, but I should weigh less for how I active I am). For some reason I have it in my head that every run over 8 miles deserves a stop at the build your own frozen yogurt place on the way home. The yogurt is fat free. The toppings are not. Sigh.

  5. says

    I hate vay-jay-jay, too. Vagine is a much better term. Classy. 😉

    My sister in law has a big fridge like that. She’s expecting her 8th kid, so they need a place to store all the milk they go through. Seriously, they keep like 14 gallons in there at all times.

  6. says

    I’ve seen fruit trucks selling bionicos but thought they were more like a licuado than what you posted. They look delicious!

    My favorite Mexican way to eat fruit is chopped with lime, chile and salt. So delicious.

  7. says

    Lol, sorry, you left off with the word “winners” so that’s what came to mind hehe >.>
    Confession – I live in East LA and have never had a bionico..there’s at least three places right near me, but I never get one because there’s so many to pick I feel overwhelmed and never get anything! Or a raspado..or anything with sweet cream..I want to try one but I need someone to go with me and get one so I won’t be afraid to pick the “wrong” one..ha, as it seems like what ever I pick always seems to be a fail, while other peoples choices end up awesome XP

  8. Jen says

    I have been trying to notice trends around overeating and being tired is a huge trigger for me. I just keep eating and eating trying to get energy and wake up. It doesn’t work, but it is instinct now. That bionico looks amazing!

  9. Ella says

    Oh my gosh you SLAY me!! “It’s not a child’s toy by Mattel, it’s a vagine.” “We’re not fat by accident.” An actual picture of your urine… I am dying. Your sense of humor is similar to mine, except you’re more comfortable saying sex jokes (I just laugh hysterically at them) while I am known for my fart and crap jokes… speaking of which, we don’t see a lot of those on the blog. Maybe you draw the line there? 😉

  10. says

    Oh my god, this post made me laugh. I’m jealous of both your hydration AND that fruit salad… do you think they have places like that in TX?? Or is it just a CA thing? (The salad, not the pee)

  11. says

    I love my gynecologists–I’m thinking about getting pregnant so I can see her ALL THE TIME.

    Also I agree about the vajayjay thing. Only Oprah can get away with that word, and even then only because she is really rich.

  12. says

    Hummus that you don’t want to just sit and eat with a spoon? Crazy.

    But on another note, I NEED that fridge! I absolutely need a place to actually keep all of my food so I can find it!

  13. says

    I am in absolute love with your random bowls of food. Those are the kinds of bowls I make and get weird looks for, but often times, I don’t want just one thing….I want several little things together, hehe.

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