Best Running Shoes


The most important part of my running gear are my shoes. I am not really a “shoe girl” but I am a “running shoe” girl all the way! So, I am always on the hunt for the best running shoes. I used to wear Asics running shoes. While training for the Long Beach Marathon I ran in Asics GT-250. Thanks to the blog I realize I got them in August and they are past their “Best By” date! … [Read more...]

The Peach and the Pit


Last night I  planned a little date night for Ben and I. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the smoothest night because I failed at a couple things. I’ll break it down Kardashian style for you… The Peach of the night was the amazing crepe I had for dinner: The Pit was that I bought tickets to a show for another night and found out at Will Call! Smoooooth Monica, real smooth. The … [Read more...]