Off To Anaheim


Hello! I am in a super rush because I’m going to the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim today. I woke up early for my long run and pre-fueled: Unfortunately, I am dumb. I thought I had time to do 16 miles, but I realized I only had 2 hours – which meant I could only do about 13.75. I ended up running 7 out and walking the last .25 to cool down. I’m not sure if I will make … [Read more...]

Hypochondria and WebMD


I am a hypochondriac, or a hyper-condriac as I’d like to call it. Since getting back from Boston this weekend I’ve been tired, headache-y, felt like I was in a fog and had night sweats (okay that last one always happens – not sure down comforters are great for  California weather). Anyways, this week I was convinced I a.) was pregnant b.) still jet lagged c.) am crazy d.) … [Read more...]