Hypochondria and WebMD

I am a hypochondriac, or a hyper-condriac as I’d like to call it. Since getting back from Boston this weekend I’ve been tired, headache-y, felt like I was in a fog and had night sweats (okay that last one always happens – not sure down comforters are great for  California weather). some e card web md

Anyways, this week I was convinced I

a.) was pregnant

b.) still jet lagged

c.) am crazy

d.) have a brain tumor

e.) all of the above

If you guessed e.) all of the above – you’re right!

Then today when I was taking out the trash I realized my eyes were itchy and burned. It finally hit me – I have allergies!www.superpoop.com

Well, at least I hope I have allergies. I immediately went to the store for meth supplies medicine. I can’t take it until tomorrow because of the timing and desire to sleep. But, if this helps I’ll know I am in fact going to survive.

My eats today were tragic in terms of looks, but I’ve decided I can’t compete with the amazing photogs of the blog world, so I’m gonna quit trying. From now on I’m sticking to what I know – chickpeas…IMG_9957

and ice cream. We just have to wait on the ice cream for another 37 days. Yes, I’m keeping close track.

Today’s lunch = sink salad. This time with a Lean Cuisine meal on top of a salad.


Oh! And I found these new crackers at Ralph’s today… Milton’s Graham. They were in the Cracker section NOT the Cookie or the graham cracker section, so I figured it was okay.


I paired them with some PB and apple butter. It may just be the lack of real sweets talking, but this was amazing!


Dinner looks gross and I considered plating it all fancy-like, but then I realized I wanted to eat and keep it real – salad eaten with a spoon, roasted broccoli and english muffin pizzas.


In other news, the other night Vegas wanted to join us for dinner. I’m not a “cool” cat owner in that I’m Mexican and cats are for catching mice lizards not hanging out at the dinner table. But this was too cute. IMG_9938

“Mmmmm, I love sweet potatoes!”


He’s trying to scratch his face with the fork. Sometimes I do that too.


I plan on making a protein shake for dessert and watching trash TV for the remainder of the evening. Tomorrow I have a long run planned and will be attending the Natural Products Expo!!! There will be food and fun. Lots of it.

Good Night!


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    I am a hypochondriac too!! The web is both my friend and enemy. My rule of thumb is if I have enough energy to spend 2 hours searching the web for what’s wrong with me, then whatever I have (if anything) probably isn’t that serious. Hope you feel better soon! :)

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    I have (well, had) the WORST allergies ever and had given up all hope, until my doc told me to suck up my issues with nose spray and try Flonase. I pair that with generic Xyrtec and have been allergy for three months.

    I’ve been getting crazy night sweats too and don’t love the diseases Dr. Google says they’re symptoms of- I’m going with the weather change-????

  3. says

    I’m a hypochondriac too I think. Google makes it worse by filling in what the other symptoms could be when I start typing. I almost convinced myself I was having a heart attack tonight since it runs in my family.

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    So hang on here…..If I picked e) All of the above, I am right???? Does that mean you are pregnant???!!!!!! While I await that reply, I like your ‘keep it real food pics’ it makes me feel better that I don’t compete with Martha on the picture front! I try and try, but I don’t have the good camera or the cool dishes to display my food on 😉 Soooo, are you pregnant??

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    I have allergies too and I found Zyrtec to be the best stuff (no side effects).

    But if your boobs hurt or something like that, you might want to revisit the pregnancy hypothesis since allergies don’t do that :)

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    Allergies are the worst – there is nothing you can do about them either!

    I absolutely love soynut butter and jelly on crackers – a delicious sweet treat.

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    I have allergies and asthma and if I miss ONE DOSE of my allergy meds (singulair, claritin and pulmicort), I can tell. I’m a walking allergic reaction. If you ever meet me IRL and I wont’ stop sniffling or blowing my nose, it’s probably allergies. I would tell you if I had a cold :-)

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    I much prefer the “un”fancy plating. That’s exactly how I eat. Probably why I would never be good at blogging very often. I do it for fun and I sometimes try to get fancy, but really I’m just hungry!

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    I think a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, when it comes to self-diagnosing medical issues! I’ve been certain that I’ve had viral meningitis at least 6 times in my life. That seems to be one of my recurrent health phobias. haha!

    Cute cat! Sometimes I scratch my back with a fork.

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    Your cat is adorable. I went to the doctor once and started telling them what I had; they DO NOT like that..haha. Allergies have been killing me this season too. They wipe me out certain days. Hope you feel better!

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