Trader Joe’s Blarney Scone


I had to pick up a few ingredients for an exciting dinner recipe and stopped by Trader Joe’s this morning. This “Blarney Scone” caught my eye. It is actually not a scone, it’s  Irish Soda bread with a fun name   Last year at this time I was living in Maryland and tried Irish Soda bread for the first time from Great Harvest. It was amazing, only better. Note how the … [Read more...]

Protein Mug Cake and Mini-Goal Monday


When I spotted the Mug Cake this weekend at the expo I was reminded of the blog phenomenon – Protein Cake in a Mug! This was all the rage a while back and I knew I had to make one asap! I’ve seen a lot of different versions of the Protein Cake (or protein puff) recipe, this is mine. In a non-stick sprayed mug: 1 scoop protein powder 2 Tb. egg whites 2 Tb. pumpkin packet … [Read more...]

Food Is Not Your Enemy


Hello! I took the day off of blogging so I could catch up on cleaning and visiting family. Overall it was a really good day   This morning Ben and I opted for egg sandwiches instead of pancakes. Pancake Sunday is a big part of our routine it was weird to eat something else! I ate the rest of the naner with PB straight up. After a little bit of cleaning I had an apple. I … [Read more...]