Food Is Not Your Enemy

Hello! I took the day off of blogging so I could catch up on cleaning and visiting family. Overall it was a really good day Smile 

This morning Ben and I opted for egg sandwiches instead of pancakes. Pancake Sunday is a big part of our routine it was weird to eat something else! I ate the rest of the naner with PB straight up.IMG_0111

After a little bit of cleaning I had an apple. I was trying to stall lunch and this gave me about 30 minutes. Eh.


I almost forgot I got this burrito at the expo yesterday! They were handing them out heated to eat right then, but I stuck it in my bag for later. Later ended up being today for lunch. It was still good the day after!


Paired with a massive hummus and chickpea salad… Now you see how big my Sink Salads are – I don’t mess around.


I got a few coconut water juice boxes for Ben at the expo too. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of coconut water.IMG_0119

Then, Ben and I went to visit my fam. My mom was out running errands and came back with a present. She got me a Pumpkin Smash smoothie from Jamba Juice! Yes, they totally still have the pumpkin flavor here!!!


I enjoyed it with a cup of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. Best snack all day Winking smile


My only exercise today was a nice walk with Matt (my little brother), Ben and the perros.


We got burritos from a local place for dinner, but opted to make our own guacamole. My mom’s avocado trees have been very generous this year!!! I enjoyed a fair share with chips.


Instead of a burrito, I opted to raid my mom’s fridge. She always has the best food and I knew I was going to have bites of stuff anyways. Might as well make it a meal!

I made a tuna wrap, some garlic bread and roasted broccoli. I love dinners where I just throw together what I’m craving.


Now I’m going to go through my loot bag from yesterday’s Natural Products Expo West. I cannot believe how much we scored!


I am particularly excited about the packets of nut butter. Love love love.


I know I said it yesterday, but I really appreciated being able to attend #expowest yesterday. Melissa, we are so lucky Smile 


Food Is Not Your Enemy – This is the slogan by Earnest Eats and I am a huge fan (of both the products and the slogan).


Hope you had a good Sunday too!


  1. says

    i’m totally ordering Food Is Not Your Enemy. its a catchy title, me likey.

    i’m unsure about coconut water, it scares me. one day i’ll try it, maybe.

  2. says

    wow I’m so jealous of that goodie bag! I’ll have to attend one of those! finally was able to view your blog: for some reason the past week I’ve been trying to view it and it hasn’t been loading? ah well I’m here now!

  3. says

    Love that slogan – so true. That realization totally changed my life.

    I’ve never tried coconut water. I don’t like coconut, so I’m hesitant, but also strangely curious …

  4. says

    I’m not a fan of coconut water either, but then I dislike most coconut things.

    Look at all of that stuff! I love getting a huge schwag bag! It’s so fun to go through everything and save all of the coupons and start eating all of the stuff. Mmm

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