Brown Rice Cereal is not Sprinkles

I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or what, but I have been craving cold cereal lately. This afternoon I had a bowl of crispy rice cereal with almond milk and chia seeds. Hit the spot. IMG_0188

I also had a piece of the Sweet Potato Samosa Casserole from yesterday. No pic as I ate it right out of the container all classy like.

While out running errands, I treated myself to an iced tea to distract myself from the fact that I wanted a piece of chocolate cake. I need chocolate this particular week (if you smell what I’m stepping in) and it’s unpleasant.



Dinner was a random bowl of veggies with a veggie burger and veggie sauce. Okay, it was spaghetti sauce, but same difference. Topped with lots of parm.

IMG_0199 (1024x683)

I don’t mess around with my protein shakes when they are supposed to replace dessert. So, I made a massive smoothie in a bowl and topped it with sprinkles more brown rice cereal.

IMG_0201 (1024x683)

I am really enjoying reading everyone’s travel posts! If you want to get away for a few minutes check out the comments on this post and take a journey Smile


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    I always have to add a crunch on top of my smoothies! I gave up cereal for lent, so I am dying over your cereal bowl yum!! lol!

    Have a great day girl! xo

  2. says

    I always crave cereal. For some reason I really want cinnamon Life cereal, but I can’t find it anywhere. I bet they stopped carrying it like years ago and I’m just now figuring it out.

  3. says

    Gluten-free cinnamon chex has been my dessert ever since a friend suggested it. And a snack. And I should add it to breakfast…..mmm cinnamon crack, I mean chex. :)

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