My Newest Race Shirt

This morning I am wearing my race shirt from the Black Cat 10 miler I did the week before last. I have joked that I love technical race tees because it saves me money on running gear! I know some girls don’t wear their race tees because they can be sloppy on petite people, but I guess that’s a perk of being big boned?

Here is a run down of the race shirts I’ve collected over the past 6 months:

Long Beach Marathon Race Shirt. I love the stripes down the sides of this one!

long beach marathon race tee

The Malibu Half Marathon didn’t have shirts. They give out towels instead! I think it’s super appropriate since the race is on the water, but I do love me a good new race shirt so I was a tiny bit disappointed. IMG_0223 (1024x683)

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Race Shirt The Rock N Roll race t-shirts are unisex, so they are a tiny bit big. I have to remember that for the next time.RnR Las Vegas shirt

Rock N Roll Arizona Race ShirtRock n Roll AZ shirt

The day I wore it after the race and lost my toe nail.

Rock n Roll AZ shirt back

Surf City Marathon Shirtsurf city marathon shirt

This one is women specific and I like that it’s V-neck. But it’s already too warm for long sleeves here.

Back of shirt: surf city marathon shirt back

Black Cat 10 Miler Race Shirt

My newest race shirt is BRIGHT! I don’t make a habit of running in the dark, but if I ever do I’ll be sporting this one. IMG_0215 (1024x683)

Back of shirt:IMG_0218 (1024x683)

This morning I want to get in a longer mid-week run of 8-10 miles (depending on how I feel once I’m out). I fueled up with some stolen bites of Ben’s Blarney Scone breakfast.IMG_0205 (1024x683)

And made a Waffle Wednesday treat for myself Smile 

IMG_0220 (1024x683)

Okay, at this point I’m just stalling my run. I gotta go before it gets way too hot!


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    Ug, I hate unisex shirts. Since I’m super short, the sleeves come down to my elbows. A lot of Charlotte races (even short ones like 5Ks and 4 milers) give out women specific shirts which is awesome!

  2. says

    I love all my race shirts too because they are a good reminder of races and they help save money on running clothes. Have fun on your run!

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    Ugh, you’re making me even MORE disappointed that I got an ugly cotton shirt for my first marathon that ran last weekend. I love tech tees!

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    At a turkey trot last fall, the race organizers ran out of adult sized 10K shirts (or only had L and XL, can’t remember). My sister and I got youth large shirts instead. The kids fun run was 1K. Oh well. It was a small race and my sister won her age group and a turkey. Score.

    I have the LB t-shirt. I don’t wear it much because I’m worried about getting a farmer’s tan. I already have weird tan lines from my capris, racerback tank and singlets.

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    I wore my black cat shirt this morning! I was going out super early and way before sunrise (obviously because it’s still not sunrise yet!) and it was the brightest shirt I have now. I felt like I was glowing in the dark. :)

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