Refried Bean Pasta Lunch

I ended up doing 8 miles and walking 1 to cool down. It is warm today and I should have brought water or Gatorade. It was rough. But, totally my fault for waiting so long and not fueling enough.

On my cool down walk I dreamt up lunch. First and foremost I wanted to finish off the guacamole before Ben gets to it. So I needed something guac friendly.

But I also wanted pasta, just because I’ve been craving it. refried beans and guac

So I decided to make pasta with a Mexican twist – Refried Bean Pasta!

creamy bean pasta

I boiled a cup of whole wheat pasta till al dente. Then, stirred it in with 1/2 cup of canned refried beans (don’t tell my Grams I eat canned). Finally, I added a few big spoon-fuls of salsa and wa-la!

Creamy Bean PastaIMG_0229 (1024x683)

I poured it on a massive salad with embarrassing amounts of guacamole.

refried bean pasta

Dessert was this YoGreek yogurt I got at the Expo this weekend.

IMG_0240 (1024x683)

I love that it comes with granola! But, I added some more because I like love granola a lot A LOT. IMG_0241 (1024x683)Intuitive Eating stuff: I overdid it on lunch a bit because I’m overly full now. I think this is partly because I didn’t eat enough before and felt overly hungry going into lunch.

If you start off eating when you’re too hungry, it’s hard to stop before you’re too full. I think I need to go back and find my notes on the hunger scale. Since I’ve been failing in this aspect of Intuitive Eating lately.

Anyone else think it’s supposed to be equal parts yogurt to granola?


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    Um. That looks pretty amazing. I never would have thought to mix guac/beans with Pasta but I LIKE IT! I might have to try that this week! YUM!

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    Your lunch looks so good! I wish I could eat lunch at home because I always pack stuff that I don’t end up wanting… I would have killed for something like this today!

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