Quick Pancakes

I always think of pancakes as a weekend breakfast food. But this morning I woke up with a raging pancake craving. So, a quick pancake recipe was in order.

I threw 1/2c egg whites, 1/3c oat bran, salt, baking soda & powder, pumpkin pie spice on top of a few tablespoons of pumpkin that was leftover in a tupperware.

IMG 0282 1024x683 thumb Quick Pancakes

I poured some chia seeds on them once they were on the skillet. You can kinda see some on the middle pancake.

IMG 0288 1024x683 thumb Quick Pancakes

I mixed a Tb. of peanut powder and syrup for a peanut-y icing. Served with iced coffee.

Best mid-week pancake breakfast ever!

IMG 0286 1024x683 thumb Quick Pancakes

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!!!

All my life I have been told I’m Irish because of my red hair. Plus, my last name is Olivas so a lot of “O’livas” jokes were told too. On this day every year I embrace it wlEmoticon smile28 Quick Pancakes

SITTIN ON A ROCK thumb Quick Pancakes

Sorry fellow Spaniards, today I am Irish wlEmoticon winkingsmile11 Quick Pancakes

Are you wearing green? monica with apple thumb1 Quick Pancakes

or maybe Green eyeliner? green eye liner thumb Quick Pancakes

I really should cut myself off from tweeting tonight as to avoid another drunk tweet escapade like the one that happened in Boston!

decided best confiscate anything st patricks day ecard someecards Quick Pancakes

Q. What green are you wearing?


  1. says

    Pancakes are totally a viable weekday breakfast! It takes me a shorter amount of time to make them than oatmeal!

    I did some serious drunk tweeting damage on New Years. I wish there was a way to ban access to the site after three drinks :P

  2. says

    Mmm, peanutty/syrup icing. Yum.
    I’m wearing a green shirt and St. Patrick’s Day socks. So is my daughter.
    But as I tell her, ‘we bleed green’ so it doesn’t matter if we wear it on the outside. My maiden name is Kennedy, so I’m clearly Irish, except I look like my Italian grandma. ;)

  3. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Whoa …. w/so few pancake ingredients …. how in the world do you get 3 biggies out of it? Amazing. For sure, I gotta try that combo/recipe tomorrow. Very cool how you incorporate guac into a meal. I like it! Today I am wearing green pants …. sorta like lounging (cozy) ones. Later for dinner, spinach/zukies/carrots, etc. latkes will be frying up in my pan! Tinted Geek-Greek Yo green! Serve em up w/easy-cook applesauce. You can color that green too ~ LOL!! Have a fun day folks.

    Monica …. yep, Marcia is right on!

  4. Martha says

    I’m wearing a green tech tee from a “Lucky 7″ race that I did earlier this month. It even has a shamrock on the front, so it’s perfect! I also have on green socks. :)

  5. says

    I wish I was a bigger fan of pancakes, those look really good :) I’m more of an egg girl myself, i love a good egg sandwich for breakfast.

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