Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

I have a fun new series starting today, but first lunch wlEmoticon smile30 Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

Remember the other day when Vegas barfed on my comforter? Well, I cleaned it up as much as I could and have been using a back-up one. But, the back up comforter is way too warm so I knew I had to wash the barf one asap.

Today I finally headed  to the Laundromat to wash the barf away. (I say barf too much in this post.)

I took some snacks and a book to keep me entertained.

IMG 0347 thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

Ah! I didn’t realize the local laundry place has free wifi?!?!?! This is a complete shock considering the neighborhood. Trust me.

IMG 0349 thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch We have a washer and dryer at home, but they wouldn’t fit our comforter so I had to use a BIG washing machine at the ‘mat. All our appliances are from the olden days so there was no way around it. IMG 0352 thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

Except I don’t know how to work these fancy things. I totally failed at closing the door right and the machine wouldn’t start. Some guy had to help me. This isn’t supposed to be rocket science, but I swear these machines look like space ships…

IMG 0353 thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

See, this is what I use at home. Stark contrast, right?washing board thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

All our appliances are medieval – this is my stove. You call it antique, I call it tragic. (source)100 year old stove thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

While we’re at it, this is my bathtub… my tragic bathtub thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch(source)

Speaking of, I really need to show you guys my Pepto Bismo Pink bathroom sink. I wish I was lying. We were complete idiots when we bought this place. Another story for another day.

laundromat part 1 Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

www.toothpastefordinner.comlaundromat part 2 Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

Lunch was courtesy of my wood burning stove microwave.

IMG 0354 thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

I’m having a bad day with the snacking. I’d like to blame it on something (my period, Ben, society…), but it’s just me. Luckily, I’m in a decent state of mind and am turning it around right now!

IMG 0357 thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

Now it’s time for FitBloggin Friday!!!fitbloggin logo thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

Today I am starting a new series called Fitbloggin Friday where I will write about the upcoming Fitbloggin conference!

Fitbloggin ‘11 is a conference for bloggers, readers and anyone in between who is interested in healthy living. It is May 20-21 in Baltimore, MD.

This series is a way to get info on the speakers, events, food and to get pumped up for the conference in general!!! It’s okay if you’re not attending as Roni has an amazing plan of action for people to follow along on the web. Plus there will be tons of recaps. You won’t miss out, promise.

Jen from PriorFatGirl is our first Featured Speaker… Jen priorfatgirl thumb Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

I was lucky enough to meet Jen last year at Fitbloggin. She’s a complete doll and I love her. If you want to get to know too her check out Prior Fat Girl and/or attend her session at Fitbloggin –

“From Hobbyist to Professional : Taking Blogging to the next level”

She will be speaking along with Ryan from No More Bacon, Josie from Yum Yucky and and Esther from She Posts

Some of the key things they will be talking about include:

… simple blog design tweaks to increase your daily dollars.
… outside the box methods to increase blog exposure.
… ideas on how to engage your readers.
… and other things you didn’t know you didn’t know!

How long have you been blogging? Whew – I’m going to date myself here? Two and a half years already; I cannot believe it has been that long! Blogging has become such an integral part of my life; I really cannot imagine my life without not only the therapeutic aspect of writing out my journey but also cannot imagine my life without the supportive community and friends I’ve made in the online healthiness community.

Why do you think this is an important topic? So many people have found that blogging is their passion, their love. And when you find something you love, it seems only natural to want to find a way to do it on a more regular, serious and consistent level. Taking the next step with your blog, from hobbyist to professional can be overwhelming, to say the least. And while no one has THE answer, together, we can all share tips that we’ve learned to help others who are newer to blogging learn.

You went to Fitbloggin last year – what was your favorite part? The people! I’m most excited to see everyone! The panels and breakouts are so awesome, informative and really great learning sessions but what makes the conference the best is the chance to meet people who you’ve read all year long and to finally catch up in person!

Anything else you want to add? Just a mass THANK YOU to everyone in the community who has ever left an encouraging or uplifting comment, not only for me but for any other blogger who has written a vulnerable post or shared their struggles. This whole healthiness thing is flippin’ hard. Our healthiness community has truly evolved over the past few years into an amazing network of support – I am proud to say I’m a healthiness writer and even more proud to be friends with such amazing people!

Told you she rocks wlEmoticon smile30 Fitbloggin Friday and Lunch

Thanks for sharing Jen!

I have a few more errands to run before I can try to tidy up and relax for the weekend.

See you later!


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    I want to go to Fitbloggin:( I am SO snacky when I am on my period….there is NO stopping me. Microwave lunches are the best:) That is so cool that the laundromat had wifii!!! Hope you have an amazing weekend gorgeous girl!

  2. says

    My comforter is too big for my washing machine too. Although that has never stopped me from shoving it in there anyway. Hmm…me thinks I need to change this!

  3. says

    Boo – I had my Fitbloggin’ ticket and everything and I had to sell them because work screwed stuff up for me. :( I keep seeing people posting about it and getting so depressed I can’t go. ESPECIALLY when I find out cool people like you, who I know I could get in to trouble with, are going to be there! :(

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