Two Different Eggs

Happy Friday!!! I started my little day with an easy 4 miler. I am planning a long run tomorrow, but ended up taking a rest day yesterday so I was itching to do something!

Then, I came home hungry! I made a quick and dirty egg sandwich with an  apple on the side.

IMG 0358 1024x683 thumb Two Different Eggs

With iced coffee. This is Dunkin Donuts coffee, but it’s homemade NOT real DD iced coffee. It is NOT the same.

IMG 0357 1024x683 thumb Two Different Eggs

Then, I had a piece of toast of with PB&J. I am literally about to print out the hunger scale to have a more visible reminder of managing it while eating. Because this morning was a perfect example of neglecting my fullness cues.

Speaking of, I got this ad from Souplantation today. Um, that’s not a good thing.

IMG 0353 1024x683 thumb Two Different Eggs

Back to last night! I busted out the green eye shadow for St. Patty’s Day!

IMG 0305 thumb Two Different Eggs

Hopefully, that distracted from my lack of brushing my hair.

IMG 0312 thumb Two Different Eggs

Ben and I had a date and started with sushi…

We got everything to share. IMG 0330 thumb Two Different EggsThis is a Popcorn Lobster Roll. It is basically a CA roll covered with popcorn shrimp and that amazing fat packed spicy mayo sauce.

IMG 0332 thumb Two Different Eggs

I love lobster. Just wish I could go down to Puerto Nuevo and get some of the good stuff!

IMG 0335 thumb Two Different EggsIMG 0337 thumb Two Different Eggs

Salmon is my favorite and my vote was for this plate.

IMG 0339 thumb Two Different EggsIMG 0340 thumb Two Different Eggs

Then, we headed to the Improv for a show. Ben loves Mitch Fatel so I surprised him with tickets.IMG 0346 thumb Two Different Eggs

There is a 2 drink minimum. Well, if you say so…

IMG 0342 thumb Two Different Eggs

We had a late night and Ben ended up getting a Shamrock shake on the way home. I had a sip before I remembered that’s a sweet. Busted! I stopped when I realized.

This morning I made Ben an egg sandwich too. I thought it was cute that these two eggs are so different. One’s smaller and darker (like my BFF Cindy), ones bigger and lighter (like me). But they still work well together. It takes all kinds wlEmoticon smile29 Two Different Eggs 

IMG 0351 1024x683 thumb Two Different Eggs

Me and Cindy

cindy and me thumb Two Different Eggs

Question: Are you and your friends similar? Or do opposites attract?

I normally don’t think opposites attract. Ben and I are more same than different. But, Cindy and I are definitely different, but it works wlEmoticon smile29 Two Different Eggs


  1. says

    Your green eye shadow is so cute! It looks like you definitely celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style. My boyfriend and I are very similar, but my best friend and I are complete opposites. She’s my oldest and most loyal friend and we know each other through and through. I would like to believe that we complement each other! Enjoy your Friday!

  2. says

    My friends are MUCH older than me, its kinda weird! But I seem to get a long with people who are 10+ years older than me. haha

    I love that picture of you too, you look beautiful. and i’m lovin the side braid!

    • says

      Yes, I microwave them in a non-stick sprayed bowl for about 2 minutes. That’s about 90% of the time lately. I used to make real egg scrambles in a pan – need to get back to that :)

      • Jennifer says

        I’m so glad someone else asked you the same thing I was thinking!! I was going to ask how your eggs always look so nice and well put together. I’ll have to try this tomorrow morning!!

  3. Anna says

    Looks like a wonderful date night! Love the sushi!!

    Do you have plans to update your weight loss page again soon?

    • says

      Yeah, I actually weighed in today but was up a pound. I suspect it’s because of all the sushi and soy sauce last night! Boo. I basically drink the soy sauce when I go out for sushi…bad call.

  4. says

    I think DD coffee rocks. Definitely my favorite coffee to buy to brew at home. My best friend & I are black & white… as different as possible. I’m 5’7 and blonde. She’s 4’11 and brunette. Up until recently she was always incredibly extroverted and I was shy as all get out but I’m getting better. We are polar opposites but we fit like glue =)

  5. says

    We had a date night last night, too! We went for hibachi so that the boyfriend could get steak and I could get sushi. It was delicious and an unusual way to celebrate St. Patricks day!

  6. says

    I love the two different eggs comparison for you & your friend! I’m super different from most of my friends – I’m 6’0 w/ dark hair & I’m sometimes fairly loud…but most of my friends are 5’5 or shorter and they’re always really quiet (compared to me anyway!). Me and my hubs are pretty much like that too…well, except we’re both tall. But he’s super shy & I’m the outgoing one!

  7. Kellie says

    I have learned that it takes me at least 20min for my hunger cues to kick in. I eat breakfast and then have some coffee if I feel like I want something more. I go and do something and figure if I am hungry in 20min, then I can eat again. I am never hungry after my 20min are up. It really does take at least that long for my meal to catch up with me.

  8. says

    So, I am 4’10, and a mix of Japanese and Mexican.- Distance Runner
    My best friend, he’s 6’1 Black and Mexican.- Sprinter.
    I took him on a 11 mile run(with hills), at first he was fast and had to slow down to stay at my pace, but by the end he had to try to keep up with me XP
    He also likes to count are steps- for every two I take, he takes one XD

  9. says

    My friends and I are different as far as looks, but the people I’m the closest to I share a lot of personality traits with, I think.

    I don’t always love stand up comedy, but I do love enforced drink minimums :)

  10. says

    I love that green eyeshadow on you. Not a lot of people can pull off green.

    My best friend and I love all the same things, but she’s really polite and quiet and I’m….not. And we ALWAYS have people ask if we are sisters. We don’t think we look alike but everyone else sure does!

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