Half a Flat of Strawberries

Ah! I am going to turn into a Strawberry! There is a local farm that has strawberry stands all around Orange County. Luckily (?) there are two within a mile of me so I pass them all the time. I am always disappointed by store bought strawberries, but these are the most amazing red berries you’ll ever try. Trust me. beautiful strawberryToday I stopped and bought half a flat. That is A LOT of strawberries. I have already eaten a ton. I feel like a big ol’ strawberry farm is growing in my belly. It’s unpleasant. But they are sooooooo good.

half a flat of strawberries

I have  a long run planned for tomorrow so I carb loaded mid-afternoon. Rrrright.


Dinah! I scored on the manager’s special again today at the store and got a couple packages of an asparagus, onion and mushroom mix.

asparagus and mushrooms

I paired it with some spicy turkey sausage for an amazing meal! I didn’t realize how much I love spicy sausage Winking smile Yummmmmm.

gimme your sausage

Now I am trying to contain my excitement over this dessert =

Frozen banana, almond milk and unsweetened cocoa powder. That’s it! Life changing.IMG_0374 (1024x683)

Have an amazing weekend!!!!!


  1. Rachel A says

    Try making strawberry bread. It is my favorite quick bread and freezes well. Plus its a bread not a sweet ; )

  2. says

    I love love love the name of your blog. It reminds me of my life! Its wonderful.
    When I lived in Costa Rica, the strawberries put american and canadian strawberries to shame. they tasted like strawberry flavoured things smell!!

  3. says

    I make “chocolate ice cream” with my niece and nephew every time they are over. I love that there is only three ingredients and there’s no dairy!

  4. Ida says

    Fresh strawberries are the best! I feel like the ones in the store taste like plastic compared to ones from the farmer’s market

  5. Lisa says

    I’ve been making that dessert combo a lot lately too! But, since it’s been cold, I microwave it for about 45 seconds and the stir it up until its smooth. Sometimes I add a little peanut butter for some extra flavor – delish, filling, warm night time treat :)

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