Sabra Hummus


As a founding member of the Chickpea Lovers Club, I feel it is my duty to find the world’s best hummus. I fully accept this challenge and have made it my mission to seek out the winners and the duds of this smashed garbanzo bean goodness. I’ve tried hundreds of restaurant versions and different brands (including all the TJ’s varieties). But, I always come back to … [Read more...]

Bad Yogurt and Bed Time


Hello and Happy Monday! I started my week with an easy 6 miler. My legs felt heavy this morning, so  my planned tempo run went out the window. I don’t want to slack off so I’m going to do it tomorrow instead. Then, I went straight to the kitchen for breakfast. A while back Chobani was on sale big time so I stocked up. But, for some reason I always “save” them and … [Read more...]

Strawberry Pizza Recipe


It was raining this afternoon, but I was determined to walk the dogs. Enter – ridiculous rain gear. I think my dog is looking at me judgingly… We don’t own an umbrella, but we do have rain ponchos from vacations past. And a hat my mom brought me back from Alaska! The dogs were wet but happy to walk. Well, Bailey wasn’t. He kept trying to shake the whole time to get the … [Read more...]