A Running Joke

I really wanted a Subway Tuna sub for lunch after my interview. But, I got lost on the way home and didn’t want to deal with it after driving in circles for a half an hour.

At least I went home and made a salmon salad wrap to try and satisfy the craving! IMG_0485

In the mix: mayo, relish, onions, random veggie mix about to die

I eat the whole can of tuna salmon – is that normal?


Today I’m starting a new RER segment called – A Running Joke

When runners get together we often talk about favorite races, gear, PRs, food and of course – funny running stories. Each Tuesday I’ll feature a funny running story, sign, picture or joke shared by you!

I’ll go first…(even though I’ve told this story on Ask a Monican)

The funniest thing that’s ever happened to me while running was… my first week in Maryland I was on my first long run in that new humid climate. At one point I wiped my boogers on my sleeve (like I always do, because I’m a lady) and noticed blood!

Since I was without a mirror or access to an E.R. I stopped an innocent lady walking down the street. I asked screamed frantically, “Do I have blood on my face?!?!?”

I’m sure it scared the crap out of her and she thought I was a crazy.

She assured me I was “okay” and rushed away to call the cops and report a lunatic with a bloody nose on the loose.

I also LOVE funny running signs at races! funny_marathon_sign


If you have a funny running story, sign, picture or joke please email it to me at Runeatrepeat at gmail dot com. Tell me if  you want to be anonymous or you can include your name and location (and blog if you have one).


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