Bagel Thin French Toast

Hello and Happy Tuesday! This morning I did some light ab work and then ran/walked 3 miles with Ben. I forgot I have the group run tonight so I didn’t want to do my tempo. Plus, Ben’s been slacking on his Couch to 5K plan and I needed to get him motivated wlEmoticon smile32 Bagel Thin French Toast

When I got home I knew I wanted a breakfast that met 2 requirements:

1. Have PB

2. Be warm

I went through a list of different options in my head and ended up with French Toast topped with PB!

IMG 0534 1024x683 thumb Bagel Thin French Toast

My French Toast is super simple: bread soaked in eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, chia seeds, milk and a dash of salt. Cook. Top with PB and syrup. Eat.

IMG 0539 1024x683 thumb Bagel Thin French Toast

But, what is that hole the PB is sinking into?

IMG 0541 1024x683 thumb Bagel Thin French Toast

I used Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins for the bread! The outside of the bagel thin made it hard to cut with a fork so I had to use a knife all fancy like. I always just cut into my food with the side of the fork – you?

IMG 0543 1024x683 thumb Bagel Thin French Toast

Now I’m off to an interview wearing 2 different pearl earrings because I lost one of each. I hope they don’t notice and disqualify me for being a mess…

IMG 0567 1024x683 thumb Bagel Thin French Toast

I would have just went without earrings, but then how would I floss my teeth?
i am not making this up at all Bagel Thin French Toast

Have a great day!

The fake comment from the last post was #2!

2. Had anyone ever told you you look like a polar bear?


  1. says

    OMG using the earring post to floss!! Classic….I’m literally picturing it and kinda cringing lol!!

    Yup I cut everything with the side of the fork. Even if I have to struggle for a bit I use it, unless absolutely necessary. Is it bad that I do it because I’m too lazy to clean another utensil? Sometimes I’ll use the fork I’m cooking with to eat (ok really I rinse it and give it to the man, he doesn’t have to know).

  2. says

    Yes, I use my fork to cut things.

    And yes, I have been told I’ve looked like a polar bear before. Which was actually a compliment since I was one for Halloween.

  3. says

    i wouldn’t worry about mismatching earrings. just don’t pull one out to use the post to pick stuff out of your teeth in the middle of the interview :) good luck!!

  4. says

    Actually, I think it looks less fancy if I use a knife. Having to use two hands and what not, moving your shoulders, possibly elbowing someone or the table, ha…doesn’t look very proper to me. If I ever go out to eat I hate using the knife I always try to use the fork. No ones ever told me I look like a polar bear, but in high school some people were trying to think of what animal everyone looked like- I ended up being a koala. ^_^””

  5. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Ha! Funny. Each para is more laughable than the next! Too cute. Not tried bagel thins. Sandwich ones are okay. Breakfast looks fab! Whoa … I will make that w/reg bagels. Also the roasted broc + gb = healthy! We aren’t big on humus because of the salt. Way too much in all store bought brands.

    At lunch, I did use the side of my fork to cut a (1/2!) leftover tomato. Because it was on my salad plate, almost flew off. Sad and sloppy.

    Ha! I thought ALL those comments were fake! LOL.

    Monica …. you have a great figure. Especially because you are tallish.

    What happened w/the interview?

  6. says

    best comment in the bathroom ever!

    i heard this in safeway the other day “you know why santa cruz has the biggest freaking safeway i have ever seen? because everyone is stoned.”

    gotta love random people :)

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