Bagel Thin French Toast

Hello and Happy Tuesday! This morning I did some light ab work and then ran/walked 3 miles with Ben. I forgot I have the group run tonight so I didn’t want to do my tempo. Plus, Ben’s been slacking on his Couch to 5K plan and I needed to get him motivated Smile

When I got home I knew I wanted a breakfast that met 2 requirements:

1. Have PB

2. Be warm

I went through a list of different options in my head and ended up with French Toast topped with PB!

bagel thin french toast

My French Toast is super simple: bread soaked in eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, chia seeds, milk and a dash of salt. Cook. Top with PB and syrup. Eat.

french toast with PB

But, what is that hole the PB is sinking into?

PB in the hole

I used Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins for the bread! The outside of the bagel thin made it hard to cut with a fork so I had to use a knife all fancy like. I always just cut into my food with the side of the fork – you?

cinnamon raisin bagel thin cooked

Now I’m off to an interview wearing 2 different pearl earrings because I lost one of each. I hope they don’t notice and disqualify me for being a mess…

monica with 2 earrings

I would have just went without earrings, but then how would I floss my teeth?

Have a great day!

The fake comment from the last post was #2!

2. Had anyone ever told you you look like a polar bear?


  1. says

    OMG using the earring post to floss!! Classic….I’m literally picturing it and kinda cringing lol!!

    Yup I cut everything with the side of the fork. Even if I have to struggle for a bit I use it, unless absolutely necessary. Is it bad that I do it because I’m too lazy to clean another utensil? Sometimes I’ll use the fork I’m cooking with to eat (ok really I rinse it and give it to the man, he doesn’t have to know).

  2. says

    Yes, I use my fork to cut things.

    And yes, I have been told I’ve looked like a polar bear before. Which was actually a compliment since I was one for Halloween.

  3. says

    i wouldn’t worry about mismatching earrings. just don’t pull one out to use the post to pick stuff out of your teeth in the middle of the interview :) good luck!!

  4. says

    Actually, I think it looks less fancy if I use a knife. Having to use two hands and what not, moving your shoulders, possibly elbowing someone or the table, ha…doesn’t look very proper to me. If I ever go out to eat I hate using the knife I always try to use the fork. No ones ever told me I look like a polar bear, but in high school some people were trying to think of what animal everyone looked like- I ended up being a koala. ^_^””

  5. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Ha! Funny. Each para is more laughable than the next! Too cute. Not tried bagel thins. Sandwich ones are okay. Breakfast looks fab! Whoa … I will make that w/reg bagels. Also the roasted broc + gb = healthy! We aren’t big on humus because of the salt. Way too much in all store bought brands.

    At lunch, I did use the side of my fork to cut a (1/2!) leftover tomato. Because it was on my salad plate, almost flew off. Sad and sloppy.

    Ha! I thought ALL those comments were fake! LOL.

    Monica …. you have a great figure. Especially because you are tallish.

    What happened w/the interview?

  6. says

    best comment in the bathroom ever!

    i heard this in safeway the other day “you know why santa cruz has the biggest freaking safeway i have ever seen? because everyone is stoned.”

    gotta love random people :)

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