English Muffin Pizzas


English Muffin Pizzas hold a special place in my heart. First, because Pizza is my favorite savory food. And second, because my mom used to make these for us growing up. Wait – there’s a third reason today - I love using fun seasonal plates and my Easter plate from last year made me smile with tomato sauce in my teeth Darn it. I can’t really call this a “side salad” as … [Read more...]

Little Big Bread


This morning’s run require ear covering headband this morning. It was cold out! The weather report said it was 38 degrees! Crazy right? When I went to turn on my Garmin it said Low Battery, so I decided to go without. I think I did about 5 miles. I’m bummed I didn’t have it because I felt speedy, but have no idea if I actually was. I got this new bread at Whole Foods … [Read more...]

Ask A Monican #9


I don’t have pictures of all my eats today because YouTube takes forever to upload my Ask a Monica vlogs and my memory card was “busy”. I do have the highlight of my evening in the form of cereal. I spotted these French Toast Squares at Whole Foods this weekend, but didn’t get them. I am trying to be better about buying things that might set me up for failure (in the form of … [Read more...]