I’m ACE Certified


I’m officially an ACE certified Personal Trainer! My “long appointment” this morning was actually my test. I don’t like to talk about specific things before I do them because I’m very superstitious. So now I can come clean - this morning I wen to take the ACE Personal Training exam. And I passed   The biggest miracle of the whole thing was that I didn’t pee for 3 … [Read more...]

Stop and Strength


I always talk about how I need to stop and make myself stretch. But, I also need to stop and do some strength training! I dislike that it doesn’t make me sweat. Sweating makes me feel like I’m working. I know  strength training is super important and need to come up with a challenge to make myself be more consistent with it. That’s coming soon! Today I did 20 minutes of … [Read more...]

Baking Fail


This afternoon I tried to reign my normal snacking in a bit. I limited myself to a yogurt and leftover chickpeas. But, I was dreaming of a piece of chocolate cake the whole time. What I ate: What I wanted: I think Vegas realizes I’m going through chocolate withdrawals. He looks worried. As he should be… Dinner was a burrito stuffed with beans, chicken and guacamole. … [Read more...]