Baking Fail

This afternoon I tried to reign my normal snacking in a bit. I limited myself to a yogurt and leftover chickpeas. But, I was dreaming of a piece of chocolate cake the whole time.

God Bless Mango Chobani

What I ate:

roasted chickpeas

What I wanted: Reese's Cheesecake

I think Vegas realizes I’m going through chocolate withdrawals. He looks worried. As he should be…

Vegas the cat

Dinner was a burrito stuffed with beans, chicken and guacamole.

flatout burrito

This is how I roll.

IMG_0607 (1024x683)

Guacamole makes everything better.

green stuff is not boogers

Baking Fail. I tried to create a healthy not-really-sweet muffin by combining pumpkin, eggs, cocoa powder, oats, flour and a few packets of Stevia. I figured it was practically a bowl of oats, right?

Well, my ingredients would have been better used in a bowl of oats. It was gross.

why did I eat this crap?

I’m stressed about a bunch of stuff right now and my usual escape is sugar. Since I don’t know how to deal with stress, but can’t eat sugar right now, it is unpleasant to be me or married to me.

I ended up sucking on a Justin’s Nutbutter packet.

Yes. That’s what she said.


  1. says

    if it makes you feel any better, I fail at baking a lot. rather, I fail at being patient enough to bake anything (waiting for dough to rise?! UM NO). 😉 I like baking but I think cooking is easier for me.

    I hope you can de-stress somehow. even if it means having some cake! xx

  2. says

    Those nutbutter packets are bomb! I’m embarrassed to admit how excited I get when they go on sale at Sprouts. Sorry about the chocolate withdrawals…I know how it feels. Just remember how good it is for your body even if its not so good for your mood…sending positive thoughts your way :)

  3. says

    You’re doing well Monica… Keep up the good work. Giving up sweets entirely would be pretty hard for me too. I’m impressed you’ve had the gumption to keep it up. And yes, a good old nut butter packet never hurts anyone. . . .

  4. Katherine says

    When you are craving chocolate cake, you should try the Fitnessista’s chocolate mug cake! This worked wonders for me the other day and it is actually good for you!

  5. says

    It is set hard to carve a chocolate craving when you cannot have sugar…yikes! I feel for you, BIG TIME!! I am a choco-holic and find if I don’t get chocolate right when I want it all hell breaks loose. I warm those around me, I pull my hair out, I gnash my teeth at people, and just completely irrationaly…that is on a good day though 😉

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