Confession Thursday : I’m going to hell

It’s that time again! Confession Thursday: I’m going to hell.

And to think I used to be such an Angel…ANGEL AND NINJA TURTLE

Confession #1: Last night I had a drink. I was nervous about the test and couldn’t turn to cake, so I drank. This wouldn’t be that big of a problem, but I really wanted another drink or two or eight tonight.

IMG_0614 (683x1024)

Confession #2: The only reason I didn’t devour this food in 5 minutes was because I didn’t feel like cooking and made myself save some for Ben. IMG_0626 (1024x768)Pick Up Stix Tofu is the best restaurant tofu ever.

IMG_0627 (1024x768)

I got the House Tofu with vegetables and smiled the whole time I ate.  I used to eat this once a week back in the day. Those were good times.

IMG_0631 (1024x768)


IMG_0633 (1024x768)

The I think the Pick Up Stix guy knew I was going to eat it all myself because he only gave me one set of chop sticks. At first I was offended but, then I just nodded knowingly…IMG_0637 (1024x768)

I ate at 5pm, so when Ben finally came home to eat his half I got hungry again and had a frozen Pad Thai dinner. I ate 2 dinners! What the heck.IMG_0639 (1024x768)

Bonus Prize: My fortune cookie was totally right!

IMG_0640 (1024x768)

I am about to start coaching a running group Smile

IMG_0642 (1024x768)

Confession #3: I am the world’s worst dresser. It’s really embarrassing when people point and laugh, however that never stopped me before. But, being recognized from the blog is making me reconsider my clothing choices.

Nah, I’ll probably keep rolling with my lime green windbreaker over my stained sweatshirt.

IMG_0649 (768x1024)

Confession #4: I ate a cupcake today. It was either that or polishing off the massive bottle of vodka on my fridge. And I’m a little hesitant to become an alcoholic just yet. I was planning on saving that for after my kids go to college like any respectable person would Winking smile

IMG_0653 (1024x768)

Today I was dreaming about cake and cupcakes and ice cream and I remembered the last time I gave up sugar. It scared me. Let’s just say I lasted 3 months and then went off the deep end and gained 5 pounds in one week (and it was NOT water weight).

IMG_0654 (1024x768)

Surprisingly these were just “okay” and Ben dominated them. Eh. I am very disappointed I’m going to hell over this ish.

IMG_0655 (1024x768)

Confession #5: I probably walked around with a bloody hand for an hour before I realized it.

IMG_0658 (1024x768)

But who even cares about my little scratch when Vegas got in a cat fight tonight?! We heard the fight and went to stop it, but he got hurt anyways Sad smile

IMG_0663 (1024x768)

Speaking of alcohol and personal training… Now that I’m a certified Personal Trainer, let me share some useful


  1. says

    Congrats on your certification! :) Don’t beat yourself up too much about the splurges, you can just jump right back on track now!

    Oh, and Vegas does NOT look happy there. Poor guy!

  2. says

    Poor Vegas! I hope he’s okay. My cat Minnie always gets beaten up in catfights because she’s so small and skittish. Poor puss will never learn.

    And don’t feel guilty over the sugar: it’s just not worth it and no God would send you to Hell for taking care of your mental wellbeing in times of stress. Going to Hell over candy would be the result of one screwed up universe.

    I am the same with sugar (and food in general!): cutting down a lot always leads to a backlash, and you’re right to recognise your cupcake cravings rather than squashing them only to binge later.


  3. Amanda says

    Those cupcakes look more than ok… how disappointing! I like to roll in my ‘life is good’ t-shirts, I be stylin’. lol

  4. Ashley C says

    Haha I WISH that picture was true :-) But my version would be: 5 cupcakes, 2 milkshakes, and a dozen cookies.
    Congrats on passing your test, that’s awesome!
    Good job for having the cupcake, I can’t cut out sweets completely either or I’ll go on a major binge rampage that is not pretty. But it is funny how once you’re not used to them anymore they don’t taste as good.

  5. says

    I think God will forgive you. Especially since it sucked.

    Oh and that’s exactly why I can’t eat dinner that early, otherwise a second one WILL be eaten :)

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