Orange County Running Group Sign Ups

Tonight I went to my running group’s Kick Off Party! I am going to be coaching a run / walk group in Orange County.

IMG_0718 (1024x768)

Before I went I had a late lunch…salad with hummus, turkey and an opened faced grilled cheese. I am obsessed with cheese these days.IMG_0713 (1024x683)

Then, I headed to the kick off. The group formally starts in two weeks. This event was to give people information about the different levels and offer sign-ups and raffles. We offer everything from a 5k to a Marathon group!

IMG_0723 (768x1024)

The party was held in a local running store! My kinda place Smile 

IMG_0726 (1024x768)

We had refreshments too. I had some fruit, crackers and cheese over the course of the night. And a 100 calorie pack on the way out.

IMG_0719 (1024x768)

How cute are these serving tongs?!?! Love.

IMG_0721 (1024x768)

Easter baskets full of running chews and electrolyte drink mix-ins! IMG_0727 (1024x768)Hope the Easter Bunny realizes how much I would appreciate this. Hint hint Winking smile

IMG_0729 (1024x768)

After the kick off Ben and I headed to a local place for pizza. I got a slice of veggie. IMG_0733 (1024x768)

And a garlic knot. You could see the butter squeeze out of them as I pulled em apart. Totally worth it.

IMG_0731 (1024x768)

Ben got some kinda of feta and artichoke number. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as good as mine.

IMG_0734 (1024x768)

And I got my new Coach’s running shirt tonight! (I was supposed to wear  it at the kick off.)

IMG_0736 (768x1024)

Does this make me official?

IMG_0737 (768x1024)

The running groups meet in Orange County in a few different areas. I am coaching a run/walk program with a 10k goal race, but there are many groups and experience levels. If you want more information on the group feel free to contact me.


  1. Floey says

    Congrats on your group. Do you get your sliced turkey from TJs? I feel like they have the only decent “lunch meat” type turkey (that I’ve found so far)

  2. Jill says

    You look totally official in your green ‘Coach’ shirt. I’m really looking forward to running with the 102 group, and getting to know you better.

    PS My family ordered pizza for dinner while I was at the Kick-off. Without Mom there to ask for veggies, they got meat with meat and more meat. I never thought I’d ever prefer veggies over meat but I do for pizza toppings.

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