Bad Iced Coffee

While Ben and I were out running errands today I was on a mission to get a good iced coffee. We stopped at a local café and I walked out with something that tasted like licking an ashtray. Luckily, Ben likes licking ashtrays super strong coffee and he volunteered to take this off my hands.

IMG_0746 (600x800)

I promptly found another café and hoped Door #2 was a better choice. It was still only okay. I am on a mission to find good iced coffee around here! If I have to start my own Dunkin Donuts franchise I might…

IMG_0747 (600x800)

Mid-afternoon I had a few different snacks. It was a snacky kinda day.

The highlight was without a doubt this super thick smoothie in a bowl. I don’t mess around with these.

IMG_0752 (600x800)

We spent the rest of the day going over tax receipts and stuff. It was fun times.

Then, my family came over for dinner. I set out an appetizer plate full of goodies. Those peas and mustard pretzels I just got today in the bulk bins of a local health foods store. Both rock.

IMG_0759 (800x533)

Dinner was a feast! We bought a dinner kit from the health foods store so the chicken, roasted potatoes, veggies and rolls were done. I added mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, mashed potatoes and salad to the mix. IMG_0762 (800x533)

Now I’m enjoying a bag of popcorn while watching Jurassic Park with Ben. Well, he’s watching it, I’m blogging Smile 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Let’s start the week off right!


  1. says

    Here is my magic recipe for ordering iced coffee. Get an iced espresso, then add as much milk as you like, or if you don’t like it as strong get an iced americano then add milk. They make it for you as apposed to the iced coffee they have sitting in the fridge that is often made from left over coffee from the day before.

    -clearly I have thought too much about this.

    Happy Sunday.

    Happy running,


  2. says

    I’ve worked at Starbucks, Barnes & Noble Cafe, and various local coffee shops and I can make immense iced coffee. So if you get a Dunkins up and running, think of me (I’ve been job hunting for months!). 😛

    Your smoothie in a bowl looks awesome. Sometimes I need a really thick smoothie!

  3. says

    I actually don’t like Dunkin Doughnuts coffee! (I know I’m like the only one on the planet). I think I’m more with Ben’s taste. The stronger the better. Sbux is almost too weak for me! :)

  4. says

    I am picky with iced coffee, too. Which is probably a good thing, because if I wasn’t I would easily spend my life savings (dramatic? haha) on the stuff!

  5. says

    Happy monday !

    I really do not like strong coffee at all! Yuck! I love iced coffee so much! Its a favorite summer drink for me!

    Have a great day!!

  6. Jill says

    What a delicious looking day. What was the smoothie in the bowl? Sure looks good but we need details. Lots of details.

  7. says

    There is nothing more devastating than anticipating a wonderful cold and tasty iced coffee, and getting well…crap. Ok, so yes there is BUT it’s high on my list for disappointments! I used to work at starbucks too, but I’m a big fan of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, personally. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to get coffee right. Put x amount of coffee in, put y amount of water….but, every time it goes bad….somebody doesn’t know the equation very well!

  8. Steph says

    Two questions:
    1. what do you put in your smoothie bowl? It looks amazingly delish!
    2. out of curiousity, how much do you guys spend/mo on groceries? I usually only shop at Henry’s…but I’m finding that it’s getting expensive! I’m just wondering how much other healthy eaters are spending and you guys always eat yummy stuff!

    • says

      1. Ice, spinach, protein powder, chia seeds and water or almond milk :)

      2. How much do we spend on groceries? Way too much.
      I think I spend a lot more than most for 2 people :( I would guess about $120 a week?

      • steph says

        nah, i have you beat! I feed just one (me!) and on avg I spend $100! Yikes :( I thought shopping at Henry’s would be cheaper…but maybe my kombucha habit is getting to be too pricey. wah.

        mmmm, gonna try that green monster smoothie! thanks :)

  9. says

    that smoothie in a bowl looks good! i am more of an iced tea drinker, iced coffee would make me HYPER!

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