Exercise with the Today Show

Happy Monday! Just catching up? My weekend highlight: Sign-ups for my new running group

I ran 10 miles yesterday, so opted to take today as a rest day from running. Instead, I set up my laptop by the TV and watched the Today Show while doing 8 Minute Abs. Please excuse the mess in the background as I don’t care enough to clean it just to take a picture…

IMG_0771 (800x600)

I also did the two IT Band exercises I could remember. I need to get back on this – An Ounce of Prevention, right?cankle weights

Breakfast was my new go-to meal – Bagel Thin French Toast. I’m pretty much going to eat this until I set sick of it (or run out of bagel thins, whichever comes first).french toast bagel thin

I had some pumpkin that needed to be eaten in the fridge and mixed it with sf syrup and pumpkin pie spice for an extra topping. pumpkin topping

Served with iced coffee because I can’t find a decent cup any where else around here!breakfast with iced coffee

The only one teeny tiny drawback about French Toast for breakfast is that I dirty 84 dishes to make it. Boo.dirty dishes

Monday Mini-Goals for 3/28/11:

1. Get to Yoga once this week. (My studio called and said my class series is about to expire!)

2. Focus on hunger and fullness.

Question: How many dishes did your breakfast dirty?

PS – Anyone having trouble reading RER? I keep getting comments that it’s not working :( Let me know!


  1. says

    Just one dish! I put my yogurt, frozen fruit, and cereal all together in one bowl and call it a day. I eat Fage 0% yogurt out of a 2-serving container, so every other day I eat my whole breakfast straight out of the yogurt container. Score–zero dish days! Enjoy your week!

  2. jenny says

    Hey Olivas, how many calories is this breakfast? Do you spay your pan or what do you use? I need to try this. I just used one cup for my coffee. I ate watermelon out of the zip lock with my fingers.

  3. Ellen says

    I usually dirty quite a few dishes between the blender and pan I use. Also just wanted to say that yes I do sometimes have trouble viewing the site. I mostly read through Google Reader (hence very rare commenting) and I’d say every week or two there is a day that no pictures show up and if I click to head to the actual site it times out. This has probably happened at least 5 times since you moved your site. Usually in 1-2 days it’s loading just fine again.

  4. says

    I haven’t had problems with your blog showing up. Also, I only used one dish for breakfast this morning (cereal). I try to use as few dishes as possible. I have been known to wait until my SO finishes his breakfast and then just use his plate…

  5. says

    One perk of my oatmeal-at-work breakfast: I put the oats in bowl, add the hot water, and am done! Only one dish!
    Your french toast looks bomb though…it looks like the egg batter actually cooked up into kinda scrambled eggs around the bagel?

    • says

      The bad thing about using bagel thins is that they don’t soak up the egg quickly. So, I end up pouring the rest around them in the pan – that’s why it looks like scrambled egg around it :)

  6. Jill says

    Looks yummy but I fear way too many WW points for me. The number of dishes is not cool, but maybe worth it for such a feast.
    I’m all for eating the same breakfast every day until either you don’t like it any more, or the world runs out of oatmeal.
    My one-dish special (eaten at work) is a sachet of hi-fiber oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter, topped with some frozen fruit.

  7. says

    I only dirty one spoon with my breakfast- yogurt, egg and banana makes for a low-maintenance breakfast! Also, your site sometimes shows up funny in my Google Reader as well, but it is inconsistent.

  8. says

    seriously, all I make in oatmeal, but I have my tea cup and saucer, the pot, spoon and bowl, measuring cup, knife and masher for the banana. Too much! It was so filling this morning, for some reason. I’m stuffed!

  9. says

    My breakfast only dirtied one plate! Toast topped with tons of goodies!

    Also, I am having a lot of problems reading your blog! Probably 75% of the time, it says it’s down. I don’t get it. But I thought maybe it was just me.

  10. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says

    Glad to know other folks have the same issues w/ a thousand dirty dishes. Then, there’s that cleanup. What a pain. I can see how people will not cook, bake, etc. FT looks good enough to eat! Maybe on the next brunch menu in our house. We practically live on oatmeal ….. everyday. It’s good. Healthy.

    Love those burnt orange shoes Monica! How do they run? Very nice on your footsies!

    As for poor little Vegas, first guess would be hairballs. We’ve had plenty of experience w/that subject. Cats can get really sick. So, besides daily brushing …. pick up a tube of that yucky hairball ease stuff. It does work. Vegas will like it.

    Monica … were you scheduled to run in the DC half-marathon? I was hoping to see you. With Tina. Next time.

    Have a great evening w/your lovely family!

  11. Jules says

    I’m on a French Toast kick these days myself… I dirty two plates (one for dipping, one for eating), two forks (one for mixing/flipping, one for eating), one spatula, and one pan. It’s worth it though! (And it helps that I have a dish washer!)

  12. says

    i havent been here since last week so i cant comment on rer being down, sorry.

    i have a dishwasher so i never worry, i just throw them in there.

  13. says

    Quick question: what is that IT band exercise you’re doing? Any way you can describe it? I’m running the Eugene Marathon in 5 weeks and I’ve been having some massive right IT band pain the last couple of weeks.

  14. says

    I had some problems reading it before, but it seems to be working now!

    I had oatmeal this morning, so I only dirtied my bowl and the plate I put my fruit on. But when I make french toast it feels like I dirty every single thing in the kitchen!

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