A Running Joke Tuesday


I had an appointment this morning and made a pit stop for some refreshments on the way home Lunch was a little on the early side, but I had that TJ’s Spicy Ranchero Egg Salad calling my name in the fridge. For some reason I prefer these in a wrap instead of bread. Served with three different sides – carrots & hummus, cheddar soy crisps and watermelon. The watermelon … [Read more...]

Running Into Ben


This morning I set out on my run like any other weekday morning… but on the way back ran into this guy! No, I didn’t run away from this man with unruly hair and wild look in his eye. He happens to be that guy I married… I ended up running 4 miles and walk/running 1 back home with him Ben is still training for his first 5K. He’s getting very close to being ready!!! After we … [Read more...]

Roxy Sticks Her Tongue Out


Sorry I was MIA today. I had a long meeting with the tax man. It was very um, taxing After my very long appointment I chomped on some carrots on the way to my mom’s. The tax man is kinda close to my family’s house so I decided to head there to raid the fridge for lunch. I called my brother and offered to pick up Taco Bell (because I wanted a soda), but he didn’t feel like it … [Read more...]