Roxy Sticks Her Tongue Out

Sorry I was MIA today. I had a long meeting with the tax man. It was very um, taxing Winking smile

After my very long appointment I chomped on some carrots on the way to my mom’s.IMG_0781 (800x600) The tax man is kinda close to my family’s house so I decided to head there to raid the fridge for lunch. I called my brother and offered to pick up Taco Bell (because I wanted a soda), but he didn’t feel like it so he turned it down. He is a really good intuitive eater and I must learn his ways Smile

I made a random bowl of food from my mom’s fridge. My fave kinda lunch!

IMG_0784 (800x600)

It was gorgeous out so I convinced my brother Michael to walk the dogs with me. I hate going alone because there are always strays around (and they’re mean).

IMG_0786 (800x600)

Roxy, don’t stick your tongue out at me!

Roxy tongue

Yes, just smile like a good girl and I’ll take you for a walk.

IMG_0788 (800x600)

Bailey, you can come too.

IMG_0789 (800x600)

Rox is the best dog, but Bailey, or “Bay Leaf” as we like to call him, is super photogenic.

IMG_0790 (800x600)

Post-walk I chomped on some pineapple. I think there was a handful of cashews in there somewhere too…IMG_0792 (800x600)

And I stole a piece of my mom’s Extra Dessert Delights gum. I expected this to be gross, but was pleasantly surprised!

IMG_0793 (800x600)

Ben and I went shopping without a list yesterday and totally forgot to get cereal, coffee, milk and bread. Um, hello the most important items on our non-existent list! So, I stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home.

IMG_0794 (800x600)

From Trader Joe’s I got:

  • Whole Wheat Tuscan Pane
  • PB with flax
  • coffee
  • chickpeas
  • tortilla chips
  • PB Puffins
  • Multigrain cereal
  • milk
  • mushrooms, onions, cucs
  • Spicy Ranchero Egg salad
IMG_0797 (800x600)

I got a few special deliveries today and had to crack open the Attune box! A whole box the world’s best granola?!?!? Yes, please.IMG_0810 (533x800)

I dug in immediately and mixed it with some TJ’s cereal for fun. I wasn’t hungry, this was just eating for taste.

IMG_0800 (800x600)

Dinah!IMG_0805 (800x533)

Dessert!IMG_0808 (800x533)

I am still behind on email, life and washing the 84 dishes I dirtied at breakfast. I’ll see ya in the morning Smile


  1. says

    Haha, I do that all the time. I run into the store for 1 thing and come out with a $100 grocery bill. My husband on the other hand, is fully capable of just walking out with the one thing we need so I usually send him on trips like that.

  2. Jill says

    Loving your blog, Monica. A new addition to my list of must-sees each morning when I turn on the computer.
    What was in the bowl of goodness, found in Mom’s fridge?
    Such cute pups. No wonder you wanted to go walking with them.
    Someone else mentioned the reason I’m scared to shop at TJ’s – too much good stuff. I go in for one thing and come out at least $100 later with all kinds of treats. I guess it’s a better place to do that than say, See’s candy.

  3. Sarah says

    mmmmmm Peanut Butter Puffins! My box is almost empty! I went to Vegas a week ago and bought them for the first time (I’m from Canada) and brought a box home… I’m going to have to make a road trip to the states to find more!! I am so jealous that you have Trader Joes!

  4. says

    Aww, cute doggies.

    Yeah I have tried pretty much every flavor of the Extra dessert delights gum. Tasty! Probably not great with all of the chemicals, but eh!

  5. says

    i loveee the dog pictures!

    I have that gum to try and keep me from eating sweets at night. It is good but not compared to eating real strawberry shortcake haha! the only thing I didn’t like was I felt I needed to brush my teeth after chewing it.

  6. says

    isn’t it fun when you have the kind of relationship with family where you can just randomly pop by. and where they live close enough so that you can do that!
    granola on the tj’s cereal = awesome! i love mixing cereals!

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