ACE Personal Training Exam Tips


I have gotten a lot of inquiries about the ACE Personal Trainer Exam. Since most of the questions are similar I’m using this post to address all of it at once. I just took the exam Thursday so I’ll also add some info that I remember about the actual test too. Why did you choose ACE over NASM or AFAA or…? I remember when I first started to research personal training … [Read more...]

Four Miles and French Toast


This morning I went to grab my Garmin and set out on a short run. But, it was dead I’ve had my “Garmin-o” for a long time now and think it hasn’t been holding a charge as long as it used to. Boo. So, all I have to show for my run is this… Then, I came home to an amazing French Toast breakfast. I’m addicted and not looking to go to French Toast rehab anytime soon I … [Read more...]

Cat Fights


Okay, this post is going to get really disgusting. Consider yourself WARNED… This afternoon I polished off the watermelon with this new-to-me flavor of Vitamin Water. This is my new favorite drink! Early afternoon I had 2 pieces of bread with peanut butter. Well, not just any peanut butter… Peanut Butter & Co. sent me a few of their flavors to try. I died a little … [Read more...]