Four Miles and French Toast

This morning I went to grab my Garmin and set out on a short run. But, it was dead Sad smile I’ve had my “Garmin-o” for a long time now and think it hasn’t been holding a charge as long as it used to. Boo. Foreman 305

So, all I have to show for my run is this…

Monica 4

Then, I came home to an amazing French Toast breakfast. I’m addicted and not looking to go to French Toast rehab anytime soon Winking smile

healthy french toast

I topped it with grilled bananas and Mighty Maple PB. This is like a “special occasion” breakfast on a random Wednesday!

PB on French Toast

But, I bought massive bananas this week and only needed half. What do you do with half a banana?! I used to have a “banana saver”, but left it at my mom’s. banana saverI need to get another one! Or, just eat the whole damn banana…

half a banana

Question: One Word Wednesday – How do you like your banana?

Me: Ripe


  1. says

    When I have leftover bananas, I put them in the freezer so I can have them for smoothies later. MMM smoothies. The weather is starting to get perfect for smoothies!

  2. Lauren @chigallauren says

    I love my bananas when they’re still a little green and not too mushy. I also am ADDICTED to Mighty Maple PB!

  3. says


    Sad day for the Garmin! I have been looking into getting one of those lately because it seems like everyone and their dog has one right now!

    By the way, your french toast always looks so yummy! Mine never come out looking that good. What’s your secret to making them look so eggy?

  4. says

    That french toast looks amazing! I’ve never tried mighty maple but have tried a few others. They don’t sell that flavor in the stores around me which is a major bummer :(

  5. says

    I thought my garmin had died too, but turns out, all the salt from my sweaty wrist was just blocking the connector. Take a q-tip and clean off the metal part on the back that connects to the charger and see if that works. good luck!

  6. says

    I had the best banana this morning. I like mine soft and easy to chew so it’s like mushy.
    Sounds gross if you think about it, but it’s so good.

  7. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Well done b’nannas! Better for tummies w/everyday french toast! You are definitely encouraging that ft Monica!

    Amanda …. freezing works well. Or, wrap-up tight …. wax paper + foil. Put in fridge. Use up asap.

    That is a cute bananaholder!

    Monica/Ben …. ohmygosh …. poor Vegas. It does not make me sick to see him. I fully understand what’s what. We’ve nursed countless pets (rescues/surgeries) over the years. For sure, THAT (injury) is painful for the kittycat. Geez. Well, you cannot let Vegas outside any longer. Give the boy a long-long lecture. Then, stick to your guns. End of story.

    Experienced the same w/our Mollee. Rescued the little devil-fella (thought “she” was really a “he”) from an alley. Males get into fights. Always territorial. So, yes, it was difficult to keep this cat (plus the other 2!)inside …. but, we did it. Mollee lived to be 17. Raising 3 cats (with 3 doggies!) was not easy. They ALL had it good …. for many, many years. I love cats …. but ….

    Just poochies now …. Sophie and Gidget. Enough! (I’m old.)

    Best of with Vegas. Keep us posted.

  8. Danielle C. says

    I had an issue with my Garmin last year where it wouldn’t hold a charge for more than 10 minutes. I emailed them, long story short I had to reset the Garmin. I think I still have the instructions they sent somewhere in my cesspool inbox.

    It’s still going strong 11 months later. :)

  9. lisa says

    fun trick-
    Take a banana that has some brown spots, but not lots. Use a strong needle,
    insert into the banana and wiggle up and down, slicing the banana inside the skin. Remove needle, rotate banana, and insert needle again to “slice” inside.
    Continue rotating banana (or you’re get a row of dots on the skin) and slicing.
    Convince some unsuspecting person to eat the banana. They’ll peel it and it will fall into slices! Handy if this occurs on a table or into a bowl so the slices don’t fall on the floor. Hilarious!!

  10. Jill says

    I like my bananas green.

    Love the Garmin. As a non-runner who tries to run, I need my numbers to keep me going. Mine doesn’t hold a charge for long but I leave it connected to the computer when not in use so it’s fine.

  11. says

    I love grilled bananas! If I only need half a banana for a recipe I chunk the other half and add it to my tub of frozen bananas. I add frozen bananas to smoothies and/or make banana soft serve with it.

  12. says

    I used the exact same plate for my breakfast this morning.

    I prefer bananas melted into my oatmeal!
    Or smothered in PB or BOTH

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