Quorn Turk’y Burger for Lunch

I get veggie burgers all the time, but prefer the ones that are more like fake chicken than fake beef. When I spotted these Quorn Turk’y Burgers I was excited! My mom used to make us turkey burgers as a kid and I remember really liking them!

quorn turkey burger

I really like Quorn’s ingredients, but this patty was super small compared to the big veggie burgers I’ve been eating. (I get mine at Costco these days.) Plus, they’re pretty expensive.

veggie turkey patty

Since the patty was small, but my belly is not – I added it to a salad along with chickpeas and hummus. I’m sure there’s some green under there somewhere (in the form of old dried up lettuce).

salad with chickpeas

I considered toasting up some bread to go with it, but Ben had these chips out and I went at ‘em. They don’t have enough salt so salsa was required.

Trader Joe's Chips

And some grapes!


I added a pickle at some point because I was craving one.

pickle salad

But, I think the pickle and chips made me super thirsty because I can’t stop drinking water! I got sick of holding up my water bottle and set it on a candle. This was a lot easier than finding a longer straw Smile  Now I can drink and write at the same time!

This picture is so tragic…

Monica is lazy

In other hypochondriac news, my eye lids hurts. No, I’m not joking. The part of my eye right at my lash line is super sensitive. I don’t have pink eye or a sty or anything at all visibly wrong with it except a little swelling.

Any advice or do I have to be a pirate for the rest of the week?

Arrrrr! I’m bad at winking…IMG_0816 (600x800)


  1. Hannah says

    I have had the same lash line pain before and I think it’s from some contaminated makeup or something. I threw out all my old makeup (liners and mascara) and that seemed to do the trick! You could also try cleaning your makeup brushes and things like that.

  2. Holly says

    I love a good veggie burger. They are easy to make from scratch too.

    Re: eye pain.
    I’m guessing you just have a build up of sorts. Take a Q-tip with some warm water and soap and clean the area. Do that a couple times a day for a couple days and you should be good as new :)

  3. says

    I’ve had some irritation on my lash line too. I usually just take it easy with eye make-up for a few days and then replace my mascara for sure, and if I’ve been using a particular eye liner a lot, maybe that too. I’m sure you’ll be fine!

    Oh and agree on the brush cleaning! Speaking of, it’s been way too long since I’ve done that.

  4. says

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  5. says

    I love turkery burgers! Those do look pretty yummy!!!
    I can’t wait until we move somewhere where they have cool grocery stores to buy stuff like that because the selection where I live is pretty lame-o! Somewhere close to a TJ could be lovely!

  6. says

    I get eyelash pain, too! I typically stop wearing eye makeup (not that I wear it that often) and try to remember how old my mascara is. If I can’t remember, I toss it. :)

  7. steph says

    it’s probably a sty. i think walgreens carries some cheap sty medicine, although they usually go away in a couple days (or sooner).

  8. Jenny says

    You can try cleaning your lashes/lid with baby shampoo and water, then applying warm compresses. This works for me!

  9. says

    That happens to me all the time! I’ve narrowed it down to something that waterproof mascara does when I leave it on my lashes over night or bad make-up remover because it usually occurs after I attempt to take off waterproof mascara. lol, that’s all I’ve got!

  10. says

    Sometimes I get eyelash pain when my allergies are bad- I think all the sinus pressure just makes everything sensitive. If you’re not having trouble now I’d definitely go with what everyone else says with the makeup. Maybe a nap would help :)

  11. says

    some teramycin from the pharmacist would do the trick for the swelling. i use it for sty(s) mainly, but, i’ve put it on a swell before, right b4 the sty came out, it worked! it’s pronounced “teh-ra-my-sin” cos im not sure if i spelt it right.

  12. Elizabeth says

    OMG. I totally have a picture of me balancing my GINORMOUS water bottle on the edge of the table at my old office so that I could keep typing and not have to stop chugging whatever (presumable caffeinated) beverage that was in there. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that this is perfectly acceptable.

  13. says

    I absolutely love the picture of you drinking your water. Maybe because I do things like this constantly?? 😉 lol

    I don’t know what’s wrong with your eye, but it sounds frustrating! I hope you can figure it out and get it resolved.

  14. Kelly Anne says

    I get eyelash pain randomly too! Sometimes I think it’s because I slept on it wierd and bent my eyelashes? I’m relieved to hear that it happens to someone else too. My roommate asked me if I was high when I told her my eyelash hurt. (I wasn’t!! :) )

  15. Shannon Adams says

    My newphew just died from eating Quorn Turkey burgers. The patties protein comes from mold. If you have a mold allergy please be cautious. Better to create your own from real ingredients that you choose. He was only 11.

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