Three Sauce Salad and Fitbloggin Friday


First off I’d like to thank Meghann for taking Vegas to the vet this morning April Fools!!! I know you all caught on to our little April Fool’s prank, but did anyone still get a good laugh out of it? I do kinda wish I could take care of Maddie for a bit, she’s so cute! Since Meghann is in FL and all, I had to take Vegas to the vet. The vet’s resident house cat had a really … [Read more...]

The First Friday of April


It's Frrriiiidddaaayyyy!!!! Do you know what that means? Only a couple of more hours until my brother and sister drop in for a visit. Maddie is very excited to see her Aunts and Uncles. Can't you tell? The morning started with a casual 4 mile run around the neighborhood. Thankfully the forecast today (and the remainder of the weekend) calls for Sun! Sun! Sun! Which is a … [Read more...]

My Run–75 Marathon Documentary


Tonight I met up with some fun runner girls for dinner and a movie! I got an email from a PR rep for My Run a few weeks back, but it fell off my radar until I realized it was being played super close and some fellow runners were going to see it! My Run is a documentary about Terry Hitchcock, a man who runs 75 marathons in 75 days – amazing, right?!?!  His goal was to … [Read more...]