Blonde Moment

This afternoon I was blonde again…hls friends thumb Blonde Moment

Not literally, but in the un-politically correct stereotype that I’m a spaz. *Even though this is April Fool’s Day, me as a blond is a bad joke I don’t want to remember.

For those that don’t know I am a natural red head, MONICA HOLDING A RED HEADED BABY thumb Blonde Moment

but was having a quarter life crisis this summer and dyed my hair blonde. I looked like an albino alligator. It was tragic. I tried to wear hats to hide it, but it didn’t work…im an olive thumb Blonde Moment

Oh and for the record – it’s NOT strawberry blonde. That rag mop on my head is red. BIG DOG thumb Blonde Moment

Back to why I’m a spaz… I went to wipe down my fridge and removed everything from the second shelf. Then, I proceeded to get distracted by the computer for an hour before I realized the milk is just sitting out on the counter in 90 degree heat!  Fantastic.

IMG 1029 800x600 thumb Blonde Moment

In order to “check” to see if it went bad I decided to have a bowl of cereal (or two). I am not sick in the head so I think it’s okay.

IMG 1030 800x600 thumb Blonde Moment

Before dinner Ben and I took a walk. Sometimes I forget there are mountains right behind the smog. Loved the view today!

IMG 1031 800x600 thumb Blonde Moment

Thanks to a store pit-stop, our walk took longer than we expected. So, when we got home we were HUNGRY and wanted the fasted thing possible for dinner. I offered to make chilaquiles and beans.

IMG 1035 800x533 thumb Blonde MomentThis took under 10 minutes and was delicious! IMG 1037 800x533 thumb Blonde MomentI used whole canned black beans and “re-fried” them back heating them up with garlic salt, a splash of milk and some shredded cheese. Trust this Mexican and do it that way. IMG 1032 800x533 thumb Blonde Moment

Served up with a slightly charred tortilla (just like I like it).

IMG 1036 800x533 thumb Blonde Moment

In my second fail of the day I forgot we were out of ketchup. That is an absolute NO NO in my house wlEmoticon sadsmile Blonde Moment Luckily, I found some spare packets in my “just in case” box. Thank God.

IMG 1039 800x533 thumb Blonde Moment

When I was cooking the eggs I also roasted up some broccoli, but it wasn’t done until I was almost done eating (we ate way too fast tonight!). Part of me felt bad about skipping veggies, but I didn’t want to eat them so I’ll save them for tomorrow.

IMG 1045 800x533 thumb Blonde Moment

I’m sure my secret dessert stomach has some room for a bite of Ben’s pan dulce, but I’ll try to resist wlEmoticon winkingsmile1 Blonde Moment

IMG 1046 800x533 thumb Blonde Moment

See you manana!


  1. Daisey says

    Isn’t this weather insane? (I’m in Monrovia).
    Don’t worry, I left my groceries in the car for 20 minutes yesterday and I’m not blond. I was just having a “duh!” moment.
    Also, you have me a good idea….chilaquiles. My mom makes the best and I try to do her justice. My dish is okay but nowhere near. I think I’ll make them for my family this weekend. Thanks for the idea!!
    Oh and btw, you ever walk/run at the Rose Bowl? We were there last night, gorgeous!!! 6 miles in under an hour…sweet!

  2. says

    Your red hair is beautiful! I always dreamed of having red hair as a little girl. Instead I went from brown (which in hindsight was really pretty) to the beginning of GRAY at the ripe old age of 17. Now I have to dye my hair, or I’ll be the only 32-year-old around with a headful of white hair.

  3. says

    dude, the weather has been nuts huh? my parents in were talking about how it was 90 at their place too! it got up to the mid 80’s at my place in the mountains and the desert…don’t even ask.

    and that dinner looks freak’n awesome.

  4. says

    Ugh. I need to move to California. This Oregon rain is killing me!

    If I had taken stuff out of the fridge & got distracted it would be because I was obsessively cleaning the whole fridge.

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