A Day of Rest


Today is my day of rest, and I’m not just talking about in the Biblical sense I always take the day after a long run as a rest day from exercise. I may take a short walk if I want to stay loose, but I don’t do anything structured. This morning Ben and I took a walk to the store for a Sunday paper and milk. I should probably stretch a bit too. But, the day after a 15 miler is … [Read more...]

Gaffey Street Diner and 15 miler


This morning I woke up early for a long run. We had exciting plans and I wanted to make sure I was done at an early enough time! I pre-fueled for my run with iced coffee and a bagel and some Mighty Maple PB. I tried this new-to-me Gu Brew for my handheld water bottle. It is not good. But, I was thirsty and drank it. 15 miles ran in 2:10:52 – I started out really really … [Read more...]