Newport Back Bay Loop Run


Today I went for a late morning run in Orange County. I’ve heard great things about the Newport Back Bay Loop and have only run to the loop, but not all the way around it. Bobbi lives an hour and a half inland, but was heading to the OC for some fun today. We decided to meet up and try the Back Bay Loop in Newport for a run and some catch up time! Running the entire loop is … [Read more...]

What To Eat Before A Run


I am meeting up with Bobbi today for a long-ish run. I think she wants to do about 9-10 miles so I needed to fuel up before hand. This is the two of us before our Fun Run in December. What Should I Eat Before Running? Normally before a run of 3-7 miles I will eat a handful of cereal or a few bites of something random. A lot of people ask what I eat before mid-week runs since … [Read more...]

Sign My Cone


Major blogger fail today I broke my memory card after taking pictures of my lunch, snack and fun times. Busted. Literally. Now I need to get a new memory card tomorrow, but all the pics from today are lost. This is the second memory card I’ve broken this year too! This is why I can’t have nice things… So today we have to play “pretend” with my recap. Luckily, we don’t … [Read more...]