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Major blogger fail today Sad smile I broke my memory card after taking pictures of my lunch, snack and fun times. Busted. Literally.

IMG_1153 (800x600)

Now I need to get a new memory card tomorrow, but all the pics from today are lost. This is the second memory card I’ve broken this year too! This is why I can’t have nice things…

So today we have to play “pretend” with my recap.

Luckily, we don’t have to pretend it was a gorgeous day, because it totally was Smile


Because of the great weather (and desire to avoid house cleaning at all costs), I headed to my mom’s to visit my little brother Matt…


and take Bailey and Roxy on a walk.


They love walks, almost as much as I do!


Before leaving for the visit I had an amazing salmon wrap. I shared the salmon with Vegas because he’s still looking pretty tragic from his fight. Hopefully, he won’t have a bald shoulder forever!Cat with cone

On the way home from my mom’s I stopped at a local Mexican place for the best burritos around! I always stop here on the way home and bring Ben a burrito. They don’t really have anything very healthy so I usually skip it.


Today I decided to live my damn life and ordered a taco salad. IMG_8613 (800x533)

Unfortunately this is probably the one thing on the menu that actually tastes better homemade or even made by Chipotle. At least the guac was plentiful, but I think I make better salads at home.

IMG_8609 (800x533)

Someone asked if I had lost any weight since Lent started ( I gave up sweets). First off, that is not the reason I gave them up, and I’d be disappointed if that was the case because – No, I haven’t.

I think giving up sweets has made me think about them more (probably my binge history waking up because of this all or nothing mentality)! I have still been having dessert at night, but instead of a Vitatop I have a Bagel Thin with fancy PB or something. This ends up being more calories and is doing me a disservice. Now that I realize that I can reign it in a bit!

IMG_0221 (1024x768)

Ben and I are thinking about signing Vegas’ cone…IMG_0998 (1024x768)
What do you think?


  1. says

    I am always amazed that my mother–sucessfuly–gives up sweets for lent every year. I think she only survives by eating chocolate graham crackers. She always says, “it’s not a cookie–the serving says one cracker!!”

  2. says

    bought salads are sometimes just a little too blah & i feel like i could have done better at home. if a salad has ingredients i don’t cook with or use, i’ll totally get it though.

    laziness FTW!

  3. says

    Aw, I can’t believe people assume you would give up sweets for lent to loose weight. That is so anticlimactic!

    If I was trying to loose weight, I wouldn’t choose to do it out of a dishonor on a religious occasion. I hate that people see lent as that.

  4. says

    Sign the cone! My hubby and I would do it if we our cats had a cone!

    I gave up sweets for Lent last year and did the same thing – alternative “dessert” like tons of dried (sugar added) fruit, lots of PB, etc. I ate a lot more trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with non-sweets.

  5. says

    Bummer on the memory card!! How frustrating!
    I gave up sweet for a month in January, and I found that I filled that void of sweets with other food and I think I actually gained weight because of it. It is hard when you give something up completely!

  6. says

    That’s another reason I hate eating out. Too often I try to be healthy and then realize that I could make the food waaay better at home. That stinks about the memory card, I can’t own nice things either 😉

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