Cereal Mix

Morning and Happy Tuesday! I started my day with a 4 mile run and some much needed stretching. My IT band has been super tight and I don’t want to neglect it!

This morning’s breakfast started with a bed of yogurt and a tiny bit of leftover pumpkin. I had to snap a picture first because I knew you wouldn’t be able to see it under all my toppings Smile

yogurt and pumpkin

Piled on top of the yogurt: chia seeds, cereals, crumbled carrot cake muffin and a big spoonful of Mighty Maple PB. muffin and yogurt breakfast bowl

scoop of PBSee, you can kinda tell there’s yogurt under there…side bowl

Served up with several glasses of iced coffee.

iced coffee

Cereal collection – I had several almost empty cereal boxes and decided to just throw them all in a big tupperware together. cereal tupperwareSo, I have no idea how much of each is in this bowl. There’s not a lot of PB Puffins left because “someone” keeps picking them out Winking smile

IMG_8678 (800x533)


A few blog girls have joined forces to create Blogging for a Change, a site dedicated to raising money for charities. They are currently raising money for victims of the earthquake in Japan. Check it out Smile

Question: What do you pick…

The M&Ms out of trail mix?

The chocolate chips out of cookies?

Your nose?

The cheapest thing on the menu?


  1. Nicole says

    Oh my gosh – I am the worst PICKER!!! I’ll bake a pan of brownies or some banana nut bread and pick around the corners or the tops….or with cookies if there is a stray chip just kinda hangin’ on the edge, I PICK!

    If things are in small pieces around me – LOOK OUT! I’m a notorious nibbler!! RAAAWWRRR!! :)

    Love the blog! Thank you!!

  2. says

    I hoard cereal and protein bars. It’s the worse.
    Hahah. But I never pick around my food. I like to mix it all up and eat all at once.

  3. says

    your mixed up cereal reminds me of college…when there were rows of different types of the most delicious cereals and you could never pick just one so you just mixed them up in an oversized bowl. yeah…those were the days.

  4. says

    Your breakfast looks so good, especially because of that muffin and PB!!

    Answer: After portioning out a serving of train mix, I always pick out the M&Ms (or other chocolate piece) but save them for last so I have a nice chocolate-taste lingering in my mouth afterward. :)

  5. says

    All I have to say is yumm about the breakfast. And I usually pick out the M&M’s from my trail mix as well as the cashews if there are some. As for the chocolate chips out of the cookies, I do usually because I have a problem with eating the dough before it’s cooked :)

  6. says

    OH i pick out chocolate everything. I also pick out all of the brown things in Chex Mix….. and off my husband’s plate…just to get a rise out of him ;)!

  7. Audrey says

    Chocolate chips out of vitatops :) I always do that to just one half before I devour the rest. It’s something I’ve always done with food with visible pieces on top (like raisin topped oatmeal).

  8. Lorin says

    I drink water really loud. I just take big gulps because I am always thirsty and don’t have the patience to take little sips. My roommate and my dad make fun of me for it. :)

  9. says

    I don’t really pick anything as I keep everything separate. A big bowl with everything thrown in together totally doesn’t work for me. I would need each one of those items either in a separate part of the bowl and/or in two bowls. Because I am insane and because I like it that way :)

    • Audrey says

      Haha :) I do the same thing. I could never have anything in my oatmeal besides my oats, now, but when I was younger, I used to mx everything together, which now just sounds gross.

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