Carob Chips are not Chocolate Chips


Hello! I majorly failed at yoga today – but not in class because I never made it I was super proud of myself for getting there early – that never happens! But it turns out I was extremely early because I got the time of the class wrong. Fail. I didn’t want to sit and wait an hour, so I opted to run an errand and go home for a long walk and stretching. Now I have to get to … [Read more...]

No Run Yes Yoga


I sprung out of bed this morning, but it looks like the rest of the gang felt like sleeping in… I don’t think Vegas was happy that I woke him up earlier than noon. He reminded me that a growing cat needs 22 hours of sleep a day No run for me this morning because I am going to hit up yoga. I bought a package of classes in January and the studio called and emailed me to … [Read more...]

Frozen Cashews


The other day I spotted some cashews in my freezer and had a handful. (I keep the nuts that don’t fit in my cupboard container in the freezer so they won’t go rancid.) Well, turns out frozen cashews are better than room temperature ones! They have an extra bit of crunch to them that I love! I’ve been stealing a few every time I open the freezer now. Try it. I felt very snacky … [Read more...]