April Showers Challenge


April Showers bring May flowers, but April showers also use up a lot of water! Since April 22nd is Earth Day I thought I’d present an Earth Loving Challenge. I read that the average shower takes 10 minutes and uses up 17 gallons of water - that is per day! Think about how much water you are using each week – A LOT! The April Showers Challenge: 1. Make an effort to take … [Read more...]

Breakfast Before Running


Hello and Happy Thursday! I stayed up way too late last night. When I woke up this morning I realized it was almost “breakfast time” anyways, and I should eat before running if I wanted to have breakfast before noon. Normally I eat toast with PB before long runs, but toast with PB and egg is basically the same thing right? I made French Toast because this is what I ate … [Read more...]

Bird’s Nest Recipe


I recently spotted the world’s cutest Easter dessert idea on sign. I immediately knew I had to recreate it at home. So, today I present an amazing Easter dessert recipe – Bird’s Nests… But first, I must get dinner “out of the way”. I made turkey meatloaf. Who am I? So weird. If it wasn’t for all the ketchup I piled on the plate I’d think I was another meat lovin’ … [Read more...]