Ask A Monican #10 and Egg Salad


Lunch came a little early today, just because I was hungry. I tried to stall a bit with a Vita water thing, but that didn’t work so I decided to go for it. I made a wrap stuffed with Trader Joe’s egg salad, apple, carrots and pretzels drowning in hummus… Here is Ask A Monican #10 - 1. How to curb emotional and binge eating. 2. Why I don’t do speed work. Spoiler alert: It’s … [Read more...]

5 Miles and Fitbloggin Friday – MizFit


Hello! I woke up and decided to do my 5K Friday run before I could get distracted by emails or Twitter. It totally worked! Since I didn’t stall my run I ended up doing 5 miles instead of 3 because I felt good Breakfast: At this point I don’t know if I keep eating Bagel Thin French Toast because I love it or because I have lost all creativity when it comes to making … [Read more...]

Thanks, But No Thanks


Instead of my normal “Confession Thursday” post, I have some “Thank Yous “and “No Thank Yous” to share… First, I would like to say “Thank you” to this amazing smoothie in a bowl that filled my ice cream craving today. But, No Thanks to me for being a Cereal Killer and refilling the bowl with various cereals after the smoothie was gone- several times. Boo, Monica. I had a … [Read more...]