Exercise Errands


I stayed up late last night again, but this time for good reason.  Ben and I started watching It’s Kind of A Funny Story fairly late thinking we were going to stop it and watch the rest later. Well, we both ended up liking it and wanted to stay up for the whole thing! This morning I did 8 minute Abs (need to do that more) and wanted to eat breakfast before anything else. … [Read more...]

Running Coach Meeting


This afternoon I wanted a snack that would last through my afternoon meeting. I went with a protein packed Siggi’s yogurt… but it needed something. Hmmm. What does it need??? Happiness. In the form of chocolate granola… I took some cucumbers with lemon and salt in a baggie to hold me over till dinner. Then, I headed to a meeting for my Running Group. If you’re just … [Read more...]