Exercise Errands

I stayed up late last night again, but this time for good reason.  Ben and I started watching It’s Kind of A Funny Story fairly late thinking we were going to stop it and watch the rest later. Well, we both ended up liking it and wanted to stay up for the whole thing! its kind of a funny story thumb Exercise Errands

This morning I did 8 minute Abs (need to do that more) and wanted to eat breakfast before anything else.

I made an egg sandwich to change it up… One side is slathered in Laughing Cow cheese and the other is drowned in ketchup – just like I like it wlEmoticon winkingsmile11 Exercise Errands

IMG 8918 800x533 thumb Exercise Errands

This meal was super satisfying! I might have a new “usual” breakfast.

IMG 8921 800x533 thumb Exercise Errands

Ben ate cereal out of this mug/cup/bowl and then drank his coffee out of it. I call it coffee soup when he used this cup!

IMG 8924 800x533 thumb Exercise Errands

After breakfast we decided to take a walk and cross some errands off our list at the same time. IMG 8928 800x600 thumb Exercise Errands

I brought my re-usable bag and we hit up 2 stores for some odds and ends kind of things we needed. It was probably about a 3 mile walk total. It feels weird not to do a long run on Saturday morning, but I have a race tomorrow and wanted to relax today.

IMG 8927 800x600 thumb Exercise Errands

It’s a gorgeous day! We have a party to go to later, but I have to be a little productive until then. IMG 8932 800x600 thumb Exercise ErrandsSee ya in a bit!


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    Love errand walks with the hubs. :) We keep seeing that movie come up in RedBox, but we have a childish fear of “new” films; can’t stand feeling like we wasted a dollar (the horror!) and our night. Just a few bad experiences that we’ve been scarred by. Ha. A good review will bump this up on our list though. Thanks!

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    I love walking to do my errands, usually- except for last week when I got really carried away at Trader Joe’s and had to walk three miles home with about 20 pounds of groceries strapped to my body :)

    Good luck tomorrow!

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    I think we have really similar tastes in movies. I just saw that movie last week and I loved it! So quirky but so good, and I too stayed up way too late watching it.

    Also, I saw you recommend Spirit of the Marathon so I ordered in on Netflix and watched it yesterday… OMG! It made me cry and I am getting SOOOOO excited about my first marathon, the MCM in October!

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