Running Coach Meeting

This afternoon I wanted a snack that would last through my afternoon meeting. I went with a protein packed Siggi’s yogurt… but it needed something. Hmmm. What does it need???

IMG 8906 800x533 thumb Running Coach Meeting

Happiness. In the form of chocolate granola…

IMG 8914 800x533 thumb Running Coach Meeting

I took some cucumbers with lemon and salt in a baggie to hold me over till dinner.

IMG 8705 800x600 thumb Running Coach Meeting

Then, I headed to a meeting for my Running Group. If you’re just catching up, I am coaching a 10K running group starting next week! I met the other coaches (there are multiple locations). And we learned about stretching and strength for the upper body.

IMG 8707 800x600 thumb Running Coach Meeting

I didn’t realize they were going to have pizza at the meeting! Score!

Pizza and Running, my two loves <3

IMG 8710 800x600 thumb Running Coach Meeting

Now I’m cuddling on the couch with popcorn. IMG 8712 800x600 thumb Running Coach Meeting

I’m not cuddling with Ben because he’s doing a random boot camp he’s making up as he goes along… IMG 8713 thumb Running Coach Meeting
We really need a reality show. Not because we’re cool, but because we’re ridiculous.

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    • says

      Personally, I don’t think Siggi’s is worth it :( I have a bunch of free coupons from a race expo so that’s why I got them, but I would not pay that much for it myself. They are super thick, but too tart for me.

  1. says

    mmm that chocolate granola looks pretty TASTY! I think the last time i had chocolate granola it was stale and has kind of turned me off from it. I need some FRESH!

    I love ben’s bootcamp!

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