Getting Ready for your Race

Hello! I am running a half marathon this morning (if I actually find it since I always get lost and have never been there)! monica full mary

I’m just doing this race for fun because I just decided to do it this week.  Hopefully, I’ll find a friend to run with Smile

Here’s a list of pre-race Dos and Don’ts that I’ve learned from some of my recent races…

Do: Eat the same thing before the race that you ate during training. IMG_9051

Don’t: Eat a fish burrito the night before. Let’s leave it at that. (Also, don’t get your bangs cut by someone who apparently hates you, then have your picture taken for the blog.)monica loves big burritos

Do: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrateIMG_9397

Don’t: Hydrate with Vodka (unless you want to have a good time, but a bad race.) Winking smile

Monica has bloodshot eyes

Do: Check the weather report so you know what to expect on race day.image

Don’t: Assume that just because it’s Florida it’s going to be warm. I froze at the Disney World Marathon the year before last because I wasn’t prepared Sad smilemonica castle

Do: Invite your friends and family to run with, or come out and support you.IMG_9651

Don’t: Invite them if they’re jerks…not my friend

Do: Make a post-race plan for where you’ll meet your family/husband/other.Si Se Puede sign

Don’t: Use your metallic blanket to cover disguise yourself as a super hero.IMG_8036

Do: Shower after the race. Sure, this one may be a given to you but I have been known to opt for a dip in the ocean insteadmonica at malibu half marathon

Do: Refuel with lots of chocolate, ice cream and french fries after the race!


Don’t: Ignore this rule Winking smile I’m serious.

Do: Set out all your things the night before so you don’t forget anything!IMG_8943

Don’t: Stay up all night reading blogs and watching Anchorman. Oops!

See ya later!


  1. Jill says

    Good luck! Hope you have a ton of fun. Thanks for all the tips. I’m alternating between looking forward to, and dreading my first half-marathon. No matter! I will under the tuition of an awesome coach, right? See you Tuesday evening.

  2. Jessica says

    Thanks for the tips- I’m running my first half marathon 1 week from today and I’m starting to get nervous already! :-)

  3. says

    Great tips! I like to eat white pasta or some other form of refined carbs the night before… and peanut butter and banana on toast the morning of. I’m debating whether to do another 10K or a half this summer… don’t know if I’m quite ready for a half marathon yet!

  4. says

    I’d add write/print out directions to the race if it’s in an unfamiliar location and check the race website for any special directions on things like shuttles and parking. You don’t need the stress of just trying to get there on race morning. Stress does a number on my tummy and I definitely don’t need that.

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