The Target Clearance Rack


How’s your Monday going? I hope amazing I’d thought I’d share my latest fashion find (and further evidence for why I’m not a fashion blogger)… My new favorite cardigan from the Target Clearance rack!  That’s where I get all my clothes. Now you know. After a morning appointment I took Vegas to get a makeover! And by “make-over” I mean get his stitches out and cone off! … [Read more...]

Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich


Morning! I started my day with an easy 2 mile walk. I always take a rest day after races or long runs to see how my legs are feeling. My body isn’t sending me any “red alert” messages so I’ll probably go for a run tomorrow In case you have an actual life and missed it, I ran the Redlands Half yesterday and shared some race day Dos and Don’ts. This morning I made a Deluxe … [Read more...]

The Rest of Race Day and Uranus


Once we got home from the race we showered and I hit the blogs while Ben hit the bed for a nap. He tried to con me into joining the nap, but I always feel like they leave me groggy. Anyone else? I was not about to cook tonight and asked Ben for ideas. He said he wanted a “good salad”, which means he wanted one packed full of hearty (high cal) ingredients. … [Read more...]