Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich

Morning! I started my day with an easy 2 mile walk. I always take a rest day after races or long runs to see how my legs are feeling. My body isn’t sending me any “red alert” messages so I’ll probably go for a run tomorrow Smile

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In case you have an actual life and missed it, I ran the Redlands Half yesterday and shared some race day Dos and Don’ts.

This morning I made a Deluxe Breakfast sandwich served up with blubes and iced coffee.

IMG_9035 (800x533)

What makes it Deluxe?

Laughing Cow cheese spread on the bottom and lots of Avocado on the top! I was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time!IMG_9029 (800x533)

I’m sure the sandwich police would approve of this breakfast!

I’ve been slacking on my Monday Mini-Goals, but they’re back!

Monday Mini-Goals for April 11th:

1. Brush teeth at 8pm and close the kitchen

2. Get.To.Yoga!

3. Pick one afternoon snack (as opposed to ruining dinner)

4. Clean up email inbox

Question: What are your goals for the week?


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    Those are great goals!! I’m with you on brushing my teeth at 8 and closing the kitchen. Good luck to you! I know I’ll need it!

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        My habit just started less than a year ago and it’s been so hard to break!!! It’s just bored, mindless eating and it’s so hard not to do! Hope you did well yesterday. I’ve been having your killer cake in a mug the last two nights after dinner and that is helping! It is amazing!

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    i dont know why but that sandwich police cracks me up haha. how can you take them seriously? haa. oh and that egg sandwich looks ridiculously good. love laughing cow cheese!

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    Wow that breakfast sandwich looks AWESOME!!

    Also, have to tell you – I made french toast this weekend with a bagel thin inspired by you and it was to.die.for. Cinnamon raisin bagel thin soaked in egg whites, cinnamon, splash of coconut milk, topped with peanut butter flour sauce with vanilla extract. SO GOOD.

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    First off, congrats on your half marathon! Awesome time, you are super fast! Secondly, that breakfast sandwich looks yummy! Love your blog!

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    That breakfast sandwich is the epitome of deluxe! It looks amazing and just made me super hungry. For this week, I want to go to yoga at least once (I think power yoga tomorrow?) and also try out the arm aerobic machine at my gym (I have a stress fracture in my foot and can’t run). Oh, and I also want to NOT forget to pack my bathing suit for when I go to Hawaii! :)

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    My mini goal is to not eat after 8 pm as well. I can do pretty good with eating during the day, but I always seem to ruin it with a “bedtime” snack.

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    My Mini-Goals for the week are:
    1. 2 Yoga Classes
    2. 2 outdoor runs
    3. Stay positive!
    4. Treat myself to 2 sweet treat nights!
    5. Post 2 more posts on my blog!

    Have a great week!

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