The Target Clearance Rack

How’s your Monday going? I hope amazing wlEmoticon smile16 The Target Clearance Rack IMG 9026 thumb The Target Clearance Rack

I’d thought I’d share my latest fashion find (and further evidence for why I’m not a fashion blogger)… My new favorite cardigan from the Target Clearance rack!  That’s where I get all my clothes. Now you know.

IMG 9021 thumb The Target Clearance Rack

After a morning appointment I took Vegas to get a makeover!

IMG 9034 thumb The Target Clearance Rack

And by “make-over” I mean get his stitches out and cone off! (He got in a fight 2 weeks ago.) I wish I could show you an “After” picture but he has not stopped grooming himself since we got home. Apparently not taking a “shower” for 14 days gets a cat pretty dirty. I usually feel fine with showering that long, but to each his own…

IMG 9044 thumb The Target Clearance Rack

I had a big salad for lunch (I know, shocker). These salads are like the Target Clearance Rack in that I grab what ever is leftover over that no one else wants.

IMG 9047 thumb The Target Clearance Rack

Wilted lettuce? Almost expired hummus? Out of season sweater?

I’ll take all of it.

IMG 9048 thumb The Target Clearance Rack

I also get my shoes in the clearance section because no one else around here wears size Gigantic. Score one for Big Foot.admit it you looooove them The Target Clearance Rack


  1. says

    lets MAKE ourselves fashion bloggers (because it sounds like you and I have the exact same fashion sense!) :) we will make the target clearance rack “the next big thing” :)

  2. says

    Haha. I too LOVE the clearance rack at Target. I think that sweater is cute! Maybe not screaming spring, but cute all the same. I’ve gotten some steals from the active wear clearance section, too.

  3. says

    Fellow Bigfoot here. Except I can never find shoes. I think my feet are in between sizes, like super large but not quite giant.

  4. says

    I should really consider shopping on the West Coast, because I’m convinced everyone here has GIGANTIC feet like me (or there are a lot of clowns in my neighborhood).

    Gotta love Target’s clearance rack. Honestly, I usually don’t let myself pay full price there. It’s just going to go on sale in 2 weeks, so why bother!

  5. says

    I’m with you on the shoe thing. I’m a size 10 and seem to always find plenty of options in the clearance section (that is when I actually care enough to buy new shoes).

  6. says

    I shop at Target all the time for clothes. I wish I had more fashion sense like a lot of these bloggers out there, but I am totally lacking in that area. I think the outfit you put together looks so cute!

  7. Jill says

    Are we soul mates or something? I love the Target clearance rack. Walmart is good too (except I get side-tracked into the full priced items there, very easily).
    Love the ‘clearance rack’ salad analogy. My meals often revolve around the age of what’s in the fridge and needs to be eaten up right away. Of course, if chocolate sidles discreetly into my fridge, it meets the criteria for immediate eating.

  8. says

    I love Target! I’m not sure I have any summer tops that aren’t from either Target or Old Navy.

    You’ve inspired me to start adding things to salad that I wouldn’t normally add. It DOES make it better! Thanks :)

  9. Kelly Anne says

    I’m literally laughing out loud at my desk. I’m a size 10 shoe!! Definitely qualifies as size ‘gigantic’.

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