Fitness Assessment and 30 Day Challenge


This morning I had a Fitness Assessment at my gym. I was supposed to have one when I first joined in December, but they never contacted me about it. Anyways, I had my weight, arm/hip/waist measurements, body fat, flexibility and heart rate (after a step test) measured.Seeing all these number made me see my strengths and weaknesses and what exactly I would like to improve. Even … [Read more...]

French Toast Tuesday


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I started my day with an easy 3 miler and a cool down walk with Ben. Tonight I have my first running group practice and 2-a-days kill me so I wanted to take it easy It’s French Toast Friday Tuesday! I grilled a banana to go with my Bagel Thin French Toast and it was like dessert <3 Served with copious amounts of iced coffee because I’ve … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday–Tofu Taco Meat


I spent most of the afternoon dreaming about my planned snack. I mean, being productive Ever since I made the Killer Cake in a Mug this weekend I’ve been obsessed with it. This time I put the chocolate chips right into the cake instead of on top. Carob chips work too, but I don’t know where that stash is? I think Ben thought he was hiding the chocolate chips from me on … [Read more...]