Sink Stir-fry


I managed to get an emergency appointment at the dentist and I will be getting a root canal on Saturday I don’t know what will hurt more the actual procedure or the $950 price tag. Ouch. I couldn’t do the root canal today because I need to be on antibiotics for a couple of days first. I went to fill my prescription at Costco and enjoyed some appetizers samples while … [Read more...]

My Iced Coffee Recipe


Good Morning! I started my day with an easy walk and planned to go to yoga at 8:45am. Then, as I was eating breakfast a huge chunk of my tooth broke off! Now I’m on hold with our insurance trying to figure out where I can go to fix it… Since I’m on hold and have 995 minutes to kill I thought I’d share my iced coffee recipe… Disclaimer: It is physically impossible to make … [Read more...]

First 10K Spring Training Run


Every Tuesday and Thursday for the next 12 weeks I will be coaching an entry level 10K running group. It takes about an hour to get there so I leave my house tiny condo by 5pm and don’t get home until almost 8pm. I wasn’t sure how to plan my eating around this schedule, so I may need to change it up but for today I decided to eat “dinner” before running and plan for a hearty … [Read more...]