Confession Thursday–Bumper Magnets


Hello, it’s Confession Thursday – hold on to your Bibles! Confession #1: I got a job! I’ll be working as a Personal Trainer starting in 2 weeks, but that’s all the info I can give right now. Confession #2: I hate getting gas, but do appreciate that there are TVs at the pump. If only I could ask them to change the channel to Bravo… Confession #3: I meant to leave half of … [Read more...]

French Tortilla Breakfast


I woke bright and early this morning (despite a late bed time) and decided to do some abs and arms to start the day. I have a group run/walk this afternoon and want to take it easy on my knee. Before long it was time for breakfast! Although I’m not tired of Bagel Thin French Toast I decided to try it with a Tortilla today for a little bit of change   Oh, and I have to use … [Read more...]

Go To Green Monster Recipe


Since I’m having a root canal this weekend I’m predicting a lot of Green Monsters in my future. I’m also predicting a hot Southern California summer, which will also require a ton of Green Monsters to stay cool! Luckily, I have my Go To Green Monster Recipe ready to go! Green Monster Recipe In the mix: ice ice baby frozen spinach 1/2 Tb. chia seeds 1 cup almond milk … [Read more...]