Confession Thursday–Bumper Magnets

Hello, it’s Confession Thursday – hold on to your Bibles!PRAYING

Confession #1: I got a job! I’ll be working as a Personal Trainer starting in 2 weeks, but that’s all the info I can give right now.

IMG_9141 (600x800)

Confession #2: I hate getting gas, but do appreciate that there are TVs at the pump. If only I could ask them to change the channel to Bravo…

IMG_9144 (600x800)

Confession #3: I meant to leave half of yesterday’s dinner for today’s lunch. Yeah, right – I ended up with 1/4 and will have to supplement the meal with PB and carob sandwich. Darn Winking smile

IMG_9145 (800x600)

Confession #4: I’ve been playing “Just the tip” again.

IMG_9151 (800x600)

Confession #5: I run, I eat, and I repeat myself. And now I can represent! I got bumper magnets made by Build A Sign and they arrived today!!

They come in pink or green and I love them. But, I only got 5 of each color and they’re already taken by peeps I know IRL.IMG_9153 (600x800)

These are pretty expensive if you are just buying one but, if I get a lot of interest I can do a bulk order and send them out for 5 bucks including shipping. So, let me know what color and I’ll figure out how many to order Smile IMG_9137 (800x600)

*These are bumper magnets – not stickers, so you can take them off your car if you’re suddenly embarrassed to be my friend. some e card too much

Got anything to confess?


  1. says

    TVs at the gas pump! I have never seen that (I’m from Massachusetts btw not Mars :). Very cool. With gas prices so high it seems like it takes forever to fill up the tank. A little entertainment would be nice. Some of the gas stations I use have all these threatening signs up about not using a cell phone while pumping gas.

    Congratulations on the job!

  2. says

    Hey Monica! Congrats on your new job– can’t wait to hear more about PTing. My confession for today is that I am OCD when it comes to making sure all of the burners on my stove are off (I have actually turned around once I have left my house just to “recheck” the stove). Perhaps I am just getting old (I turn 30 in August, eek).

  3. says

    confession: once i was in a crowded grocery store and i had to fart so bad! so i let a silent (but deadly) one fly when i was walking by an old man. i figured no one would think it was the petite girl – they’d blame it on the old man!

    confession #2: i’ve used that trick way more than once.

  4. says

    Confession, this last weekend my kids went to a b-day party and got goodie bags. Being a “good” mom I put up the candy to give them a little bit at a time and then I kept stealing it. Then when I got it out for them I had more of it with them. Congrats on the new job.

  5. says

    Congrats on the job!! I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    WHAT? You have TV’s at your gas pumps? I’ve NEVER seen such a thing. Gosh I wish we had these. I HATE pumping gas and the only thing I want to do while I’m waiting is look at my phone but I’m afraid if I do, I’ll blow up.

  6. says

    Confession #1: I’m mega jealous and you know why…. yet also very very happy for you. :)

    Confession #2: I can’t believe some of these people above have never heard of TVs on gas pumps – we even have those here in Iowa!

    Confession #3: I would take either color bumper magnet. White would blend in and make it look like it was painted on my car, but pink would make it POP!

  7. Trish says

    I do! I do!! (want bumper stickers, that is)
    Actually, I’d definitely buy a few in Pink.

    Also: Seriously?! TV’s at the gas pump?? How big is your tank?!!

  8. Ida says

    congrats on the new job! cant wait to hear more about it.

    confession: i’d get rid of cable if it weren’t for bravo-i’m addicted.

  9. says

    1.)awesome on the new job- Bet that’s a weight off your shoulders!
    2.) I HATE getting gas more than anyone! TVs at the gas station? So distracting/slightly dangerous? love it
    3.) I did a confessions post too :)

  10. says

    I’d do buy one.

    I have to admit when I read confession number two, I thought you were talking about the other kind of gas at first! Haha!

    Congrats on the job :)

  11. says

    Congrats on the job!!!! That is so exciting!!

    Also, I have never heard of televisions at gas pumps. How big of a gas tank requires entertainment while filling it up? 😛

  12. says

    No TVs on the pumps here, but then I’m also lucky because here we have gas station attendants who pump the gas. No getting out of the car for me! :)

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