French Tortilla Breakfast

I woke bright and early this morning (despite a late bed time) and decided to do some abs and arms to start the day. I have a group run/walk this afternoon and want to take it easy on my knee.

Before long it was time for breakfast!IMG 9172 800x533 thumb French Tortilla Breakfast

Although I’m not tired of Bagel Thin French Toast I decided to try it with a Tortilla today for a little bit of change wlEmoticon smile20 French Tortilla Breakfast  Oh, and I have to use up my tortilla before they get moldy, hello!

IMG 9173 800x533 thumb French Tortilla Breakfast

Instead of soaking the tortilla (like I do with French Toast) and dirtying another plate, I poured egg, cinnamon and stevia straight into the pan and added the tortilla. I flipped it half way through cooking. Then, added sliced banana and Cinnamon Raisin PB before folding into a “sweet quesadilla” of sorts.

IMG 9177 800x533 thumb French Tortilla Breakfast

French Toast Tortilla is served!

IMG 9185 800x533 thumb French Tortilla Breakfast

Since this is supposed to be a substitute for French Toast, I figured a little syrup was necessary…

IMG 9193 800x533 thumb French Tortilla Breakfast

If you want a savory egg and tortilla breakfast try my Chilaquiles!

I have a very exciting appointment this morning – details coming soon!!!


  1. says

    I want to come to cali and have you make me breakfast everyday. It always seems way netters than my microwaved egg bearers thrown on a bagels, served on a paper towel, and eaten in the car. Lol

  2. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Sweet brainstorm for a breakfast! So many combos to imagine!

    Yeah, rc’s are pricey. Got to keep those gorgeous teeth perfect AND working Monica! Not too shabby of a price considering.

    Before you know it …. surgery will be over. Test your bravery! Keep thinking about how tasty a crunchy apple (?carrots?) is!

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